The Sully Baseball Official BBA Awards Ballot



As a proud member of the Baseball Blogger Alliance, every year, I submit my vote for the individual awards and I post them publicly.

I am going to simply list my choices and if you have any issues or disagreements with me, please leave them in the comment section below or click HERE to get to my Twitter handle


The Connie Mack Award (Manager of the Year):

1. Bruce Bochy, San Francisco
2. Clint Hurdle, Pittsburgh
3. Mike Matheny, St. Louis

1. Buck Showalter, Baltimore
2. Mike Scioscia, Los Angeles
3. Bob Melvin, Oakland


The Willie Mays Award (Rookie of the Year):

1. Jacob deGrom, New York
2. David Buchanan, Philadelphia
3. Billy Hamilton, Cincinnati

1. Jose Abreu, Chicago
2. Danny Santana, Minnesota
3. Yordano Ventura, Kansas City



The Goose Gossage Award (Reliever of the Year): 

1. Drew Storen, Washington
2. Craig Kimbrel, Atlanta
3. Tony Watson, Pittsburgh

1. Wade Davis, Kansas City
2. Sean Doolittle, Oakland
3. Dellin Betances, New York



The Walter Johnson Award (Pitcher of the Year): 

1. Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles
2. Johnny Cueto, Cincinnati
3. Adam Wainwright, St. Louis
4. Jordan Zimmermann, Washington
5. Cole Hamels, Philadelphia

1. Felix Hernandez, Seattle
2. Corey Kluber, Cleveland
3. Chris Sale, Chicago
4. Dallas Keuchel, Houston
5. David Price, Tampa Bay and Detroit


The Stan Musial Award (MVP): 

1. Giancarlo Stanton, Miami
2. Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh

3. Buster Posey, San Francisco
4. Jonathan LuCroy, Milwaukee
5. Josh Harrison, Pittsburgh
6. Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles

7. Anthony Rendon, Washington
8. Jhonny Peralta, St. Louis
9. Jason Heyward, Atlanta
10. Russell Martin, Pittsburgh

1. Mike Trout, Los Angeles
2. Josh Donaldson, Oakland
3. Jose Altuve, Houston
4. Alex Gordon, Kansas City
5. Michael Brantley, Cleveland
6. Miguel Cabrera, Detroit
7. Victor Martinez, Detroit
8. Nelson Cruz, Baltimore
9. Adam Jones, Baltimore
10. Jose Bautista, Toronto

So let’s see how my votes lineup with the final tallies.

Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – April 26, 2014

Michael Perez - AP

Michael Perez – AP

The Milwaukee Brewers have the best record in baseball. And with Carlos Gomez, Matt Garza, Ryan Braun and Francisco Rodriguez doing well, they have some of the hardest players to root for in the game.

In a strange way, that could be their appeal!

I explain why on today’s episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

 Carlos Gomez, Jose Abreu, Yordano Ventura, Stephen Strasburg, Jason Kubel, Joey Votto andJosh Beckett all added to their totals for Who Owns Baseball.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – September 26, 2013

(AP Photo/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Curtis Compton)

(AP Photo/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Curtis Compton)

I really hope Brian McCann approves of today’s episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

He is a classic super sensitive guy pretending to be a tough guy. Color me unimpressed.

Plus the Yankees are eliminated and I have thoughts about the team in the Bronx.

Max Scherzer, Darnell McDonald, Kyle Lohse and Evan Longoria all owned baseball on September 25, 2013.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – September 26, 2013