I call to the stand… DODGERS OWNER FRANK McCOURT

Remember when Frank McCourt had the stones to say the divorce is not affecting the team?

Not to use legalese because no doubt he is hearing a LOT of that these days…
But to refute that, all I have to do is point to two games being played in the National League last night.

EXHIBIT A: Randy Wolf

In 2009 he leads the NL with 34 starts, gives the Dodgers 214 innings and an ERA of 3.23.

The Dodgers desperately need pitching depth going into 2010.
Wolf is not even OFFERED a contract and he signs with Milwaukee. (Because usually big markets like Milwaukee can out bid tiny media markets like Los Angeles.)

Last night Wolf beat Arizona, throwing 6 innings and 3 runs. It was a blowout game, so two relievers got in some work. He ERA rose to a still respectable 3.95.

EXHIBIT B: Charlie Haeger

The Dodgers starting pitcher went into last night’s game with eye popping stats… eye poppingly horrible.

The knuckleballer took an 0-3 record with a 6.56 ERA to Chavez Ravine to take on division rival Colorado. He had started 3 of the Dodgers most lopsided losses of the year. But he’s a knuckleballer! You live by them and you die by them!

Well tonight was more death.
He faced 5 batters.
All 5 reached.
All 5 scored.
He didn’t retire a batter.

As a starter he threw 0 innings. Usually I hate it when someone says “I could have pitched better than that” but in this case, how could I have pitched WORSE?

And when Joe Torre realized that not only was he down 6 runs before his team came to bat but that he was dipping into his bullpen for 9 innings, I wonder if he glanced over and saw what was happening with the Brewers and the nice start they got from Wolf.

Halladay, Lackey and Lee all changed uniforms this past off season and the Dodger front office is making moves that remove the Randy Wolfs of the world from the team and puts in the Charlie Haegers… on a team that made the NLCS each of the last 2 seasons.

Would a team, especially the biggest team in the second biggest media market in the country, make personel decisions like that if the owners weren’t involved in a divorce that makes the Tiger/Elin situation look like an amicable split?

Your honor… I rest my case.
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