Can Red Sox fans co opt all of the Jeremy Lin puns?

All of that “Lin-sanity” stuff didn’t get the Knicks very far.
But Che-Hsuan Lin may have just saved the game for the Red Sox with his great catch in the 8th inning today.

And frankly with each day a young Red Sox player shows some heart and guts, the more I am liking this team. Each catch by Lin, hit by Will Middlebrooks or solid start from Felix Doubront make me excited.

No not for 2012. I still don’t think this team is a contender. We’re past the 1/4 mark and the Red Sox still haven’t spent one day above .500 yet. Wake me when they get 5 games above .500 before you start having images of playoffs dancing in your head.

But the more holes they can fill from within with young, inexpensive and eager to succeed players, the less likely they will be an expensive bloated team in 2013.

What if Lin can be a speedy outfielder to combine with a healthy Ellsbury to give the team solid defense and speed?

What if Middlebrooks and Jose Iglesias give the Red Sox a left side of the infield for years to come to go along with Pedroia and Gonzalez on the right side?

What if Bard and Doubront can be back end of the rotation pitchers while Mark Melancon and Junichi Tazawa can provide some bullpen depth?

Then the off season turns into fill in a couple of gaps in the rotation, pen and maybe one bat and all of a sudden the team can be an exciting one.

Just be careful with the Asian puns.

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