DING… DONG… DING… DONG… The Pujols bell has rung

Noon on the East Coast has come and gone.
Albert Pujols has NOT resigned.

Worst mistake the Cardinals ever made was not getting this locked up.

That being said, if ONE SINGLE Cardinal fan boos Pujols, shame on you.
I wrote this a year ago and I stand by it: Albert Pujols owes the Cardinals and their fans NOTHING… not even an extension.

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Get to know your Rockies

Back in December, I praised the Rockies for signing Troy Tulowitzki to a long term contract, avoiding a free agent nightmare, and making sure that fans throughout this decade in Denver will know who will be at short.

And now with a grand total of one full season in the majors, Carlos Gonzalez will be a Rockie for the next seven years, once again side stepping a free agent bidding war.

No doubt a lot of people (like The Bleacher Report) will kill both of these trades, saying they will be albatrosses on the payroll.

But I like them for two reasons:

First of all, as I said before, I like signing players that the fan base can get attached to. Baseball has such a reputation of being a sport where the stars all leave the smaller revenue teams. Why not have Tulo or Carlos stick around for a while and give the team an identity?

Secondly, how do we know that the salaries won’t escalate even more? This could be a bargain by the time 2020 comes around!

I remember the Pirates at one point could have resigned Barry Bonds for four years at $16 million… TOTAL.

They balked and later he went to the Giants for five years and $25 million. (Remember when that was a lot of money? Granted, I’ll take it now.)

If the Pirates had ponied up a little money in 1991, they may have had a contender for a few more years instead of blowing the team up after the 1992 NLCS.

Either way, Rockies fans you should be happy. You had one superstar, Todd Helton, play the entire 2000s with your team and will have two other stars, Tulowitzki and Gonzalez play the 2010s at Coors.

Stars you can identify with?
Stars who have already played in the post season?
Stars who are sticking around?
Fans who can attach some emotion to their favorite players?


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I don’t blame you, Josh

Josh Beckett and the Red Sox have been going back and forth on a contract extension.

Should it be 4 years? Should it be 5 years?

The Sox gave John Lackey 5 years, so why not Beckett who has already delivered a World Series title and an ALCS MVP to the Red Sox?

Was Beckett going to be the latest in the “Ungraceful Exit Red Sox” team?

In Fenway that night as a commentator was one of those ungraceful exiters, Nomar Garciaparra… who had turned down a massive contract before the 2004 season… then had a subpar season… and then was traded away by the Sox… and NEVER saw a contract offer that big again.

Last night Beckett was no good. He didn’t last 5 innings. He let up homers. He went too deep in the count with the Brett Gardners of the world.

Less than 24 hours after that game, Beckett said “Let me see that contract again!”

And lo and behold he signed it.

4 years… 5 years… if he has a sub par year then haggling over that last year will look awfully silly.

Just ask Nomar.

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