OK, maybe the uniforms DIDN’T help the Pirates

I guess I was too quick to give the Pirates (and their bad ass black uniforms) credit for back to back wins.

Who could have seen a 5 run 8th inning from the Cubs? I didn’t.
I stand by my original point: The Pirates should wear the black tops for every road game.

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The Pirates take the early lead… it’s GOTTA be the uniforms!

The Pirates are winning against the Cubs… again.
And once again they are doing it wearing their awesome black top uniforms. I told them to make those their regular road jerseys last year. So far so good with them THIS year.

They’ve tried everything else to put a winning club on the field (short of drafting well and making smart trades.) Why not keep wearing these cool tops?

How could it be worse than the last 18 seasons?

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The Pirates looked good while looking good

The Pirates won their opener. (Why were they playing in Chicago while San Francisco and San Diego are empty?)

And who knows how long they will be undefeated. But they ARE winning the awesome alternate uniforms. Last year, I urged them to make these the permanent road uniforms.

Look like winners and who knows? Maybe they will BE winners?

Just 81 more wins and they will have their first winning season since 1992.

Trust me. Wear the black tops for ALL road games.

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