Sully Baseball endorses Alan Trammell for the Hall of Fame

Barry Larkin is almost certain to be elected to the Hall of Fame in about a week. He was the best National League shortstop for a decade. He was a Cincinnati native who spent his whole career with the Reds (not really a Hall of Fame factor but makes for an uncluttered plaque.)
A former MVP, winner of 9 Silver Sluggers, 3 Gold Gloves, he had a lifetime .815 OPS with power, speed and help lead the Reds to the 1990 World Series title.
And yet Alan Trammell has virtually the same resume and is considered a long shot at best.
Each played roughly the same amount of games.
Larkin – 2,180
Trammell – 2,293
Each hit close to the same amount of homers (with Larkin playing in a more home run friendly stretch.)
Larkin – 198
Trammell – 185
Their OPS+ were right around the same level
Larkin – 116
Trammell – 110
Both won multiple Gold Gloves and Silver Sluggers.
Trammell would have matched Larkin’s MVP if the voters went with him instead of George Bell like many thought they should have in 1987.
Both had a solid 6 or 7 year peak in the center of their career.
And Trammell, along with Cal Ripken, transformed the shortstop position from an All Field No Hit position to a power one, paving the way for Barry Larkin and the great shortstops of the 1990s and 2000s.
I still don’t understand WAR, but only 68 non pitchers have a higher WAR all time than Trammell. Right behind him are Hall of Famers Eddie Murray and Pee Wee Reese.
If I ever get around to figuring out WAR, that will impress the Hell out of me.
But his World Series MVP in 1984 and his cameo on Magnum P.I. impressed me enough to give him a second, third and fourth look.
Larkin deserves a spot in the Hall. As does Tim Raines. I’ve always been a big fan of Trammell’s Tiger teammate Jack Morris but I am resigned to the fact that he won’t get in.
But I hope Trammell gets some votes and some momentum. The next bunch of years will be some of the least fun ballots in Hall of Fame history.
Bonds and Clemens will be on soon and mixing it up with Rafael Palmeiro, Mark McGwire et al to make for some awful “Should steroid users be in the Hall?” debates.
Maybe someone like Trammell can benefit from that. A guy to vote for while that ugliness is going on.
And if so, take a look at his career.
It is no charity case.
It’s a compelling one.

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So the Phillies/Blue Jays game that was scheduled for Toronto this weekend has been moved to Philadelphia because of the G20 Summit.

Look, I know it is probably harder than it looks to create the schedule, but are you telling me NOBODY noticed that there was going to be massive security problems in Toronto this weekend?

In baseball’s infinite wisdom they decided to move the series to Philadelphia and count it as a home game for the Blue Jays.

Now Toronto gets the money at the gate, but the Phillies get the concessions, parking, T shirts and Toronto misses out on the return of Roy Halladay.

It’s not fair I say and I think baseball could have found a neutral site for this game to be played.

And the staff at Sully Baseball have come up with some alternate locations that would have made it a little more ever for both squads.

La Stade OlympiqueMontreal.

It’s just sitting there, looking like the Starship Enterprise, in the middle of a big field in Montreal. Play it there. And you get to have a series in Canada!

Sure the stands will be empty and the few fans there will be apathetic thinking “What’s the point? This team isn’t staying.”

But how will that be different than the last bunch of years for the Expos?

Miller Park Milwaukee.

Isn’t that Bud Selig’s go to “in case of emergency” plan? Send them to Milwaukee?

Sure the Brewers are playing there this weekend. Have it as a double header! See the Brewers and Mariners in the day, Blue Jays and the Phillies at night!

Keyspan ParkBrooklyn.

Bring big league baseball back to Brooklyn for at least one weekend!

Sure it will be a stretch to call the Blue Jays the home team here… but with all the Mets fans in Brooklyn, the Phillies will DAMN SURE feel like the visitors!

Doubleday FieldCooperstown, NY.

I have been advocating playing an honest to goodness counts in the standings game in Cooperstown for years.

Why not now? It’s close enough to Canada to have a few people come down and it would be a nice weekend trip to the Hall of Fame and see a big league game while the weather is still nice in Upstate New York.

Estadio LatinoamericanoHavana, Cuba.

A global summit is happening in Canada. And someday Cuba will be opened up and asked to rejoin the economies of the world.

Wouldn’t a ballgame in their grandest ballpark be the first step? And maybe the Blue Jays and Phillies could smuggle some of their star players out with them!

Nelson Mandela Bay StadiumPort Elizabeth, South Africa.

Sure everyone is going bonkers over the World Cup in South Africa, but while they are thinking about sports, we can help introduce a little hardball there as well!

Although there is no avoiding the vuvuzelas there!

Stade de GeneveLancy in the Swiss Canton of Geneva.

If we need a neutral site, who is more neutral than Switzerland?

My family actually lived in the Swiss canton of Geneva when I was in the 3rd and 4th grade and when I lived there I played little league with the other transplanted American kids. Trust me, there are enough Americans living in Geneva to make it a packed house.

Hey, it was good enough for one of the best baseball movies ever… and evidently it is up for sale. If the field is going to fade away like Shoeless Joe walking back into the corn, it would be nice to play a real honest to goodness ballgame there.

Are you worried about attendance?

People will come, Ray. People will come.

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I dare any writer to NOT vote Griffey into the Hall of Fame

On January, 2016, Ken Griffey Jr, the era’s greatest player without a whiff of scandal to his name, will be elected to the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

He was the best player of the 1990s and even with a decade riddled with injuries, he finished his amazing career with 10 Gold Gloves, 7 Silver Sluggers, the 1997 AL MVP and oh yeah, only Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and Willie Mays hit more homers.

He’ll be in on the first ballot.
But he won’t be on EVERY ballot.

And that will be a disgrace.

I wrote before the fact that nobody has gotten in unanimously is literally insane. Babe Ruth didn’t get in with every ballot in an earlier generation?

So a bunch of boneheaded sports writers didn’t vote for Cy Young?
Some morons left Joe DiMaggio off the ballot?
Some racists (what other excuse can there be?) didn’t vote for Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Bob Gibson or Hank Aaron?

Guess what? That doesn’t mean YOU need to make their mistakes. You can actually help CORRECT those mstakes.

Part of how a society grows is they take what worked from the previous generation and try to fix what didn’t work.

That’s how there is growth… that’s how there is progress… that’s why we are more civilized now than we were 1,000 years ago!

Voting in Ken Griffey Jr. with 100% of the ballot doesn’t mean you are saying he was better than Babe Ruth or Willie Mays or Hank Aaron or Ted Williams.

It means that YOU are a better voter than the ones who voted back then!

So I challenge ANYONE out there to tell me why Ken Griffey Jr. should NOT be voted in with 100% of the ballot!

Seriously… write your reasons to

I am DROOLING to hear why Ken Griffey Jr. shouldn’t be unanimous.

If you vote for the Hall of Fame and do NOT put him on the ballot, you should be forced to defend yourself in front of a Krypton court like General Zod.

And if you can’t defend yourself… then your Hall of Fame voting rights will be stripped.

Voting in a player unanimously shouldn’t be a problem by 2016.

2 years earlier, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas will all be on the ballot, and as I stated in February, if you don’t vote for THEM, I am stripping your voting rights.

KNEEEEEEEL Before Sully!

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