What exactly am I supposed to say about the Barry Bonds trial?

I have received a bunch of e mails in the last few days asking me what my thoughts are on the Barry Bonds trial.

They are very similar to my thoughts on the current season of American Idol.

I am aware that it is happening, but I couldn’t possibly care less. I don’t even know the details of either one. I know Steven Tyler is a judge… but I am not sure if it is for Idol or the Bonds trial.

Both Idol and Bonds are similar in another way. They used to be big parts of my life. I was a big Barry Bonds fan for the Pirates and the Giants.

And I defended him on this blog a bunch of times.
But after he passed Hank Aaron, there was nothing left to watch.

And in case you missed it, the Giants had a good year last year without him.

And I used to be an Idol addict… then they screwed over Melinda Doolittle, Adam Lambert and Crystal Bowersox and then Simon left. What was the point of watching?

When I read today that they were playing voicemails to his mistress as proof that he had ‘roid rage, I said “Oh man, this is going to be thrown out of court.” The pitchers who kept intentionally walking him over the years had a more courageous game plan.

Look folks… you may not like Barry Bonds, but there are three things you can not deny:

He was a great player no matter what he injected into his ass.
He is a hell of a lot smarter than Roger Clemens and Rafael Palmeiro who stepped on some legal landmines
He has a great friend in Greg Anderson.

And if you don’t like Bonds, he’s gone. He’s no longer playing. He’s part of an era that if it isn’t over, it is damn near over.

Imagine yourself in the 1920s looking at he Dead Ball era… or in the 1960s with a higher mound looking at the big home run totals from a few years before.

Or someone watching games now in the retroballparks looking back at the cookie cutter multipurpose stadiums with the Astroturf.

If you don’t like Bonds, that’s what he should be to you.
In the past and something you’d rather not think about.

There are already new stars and new hope for the game. If you are a Bonds hater, then ignore the trial.

And if you are expecting some great legal drama, then watch The Good Wife.

But there’s nothing going on in that court room.

Let’s get back to baseball.

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Really America?

Two straight years you had a chance to vote for an original, dynamic and truly talented American Idol… and two straight years you pick a boring white guy who didn’t do a single memorable performance?

Seriously! Name your favorite Lee performance! The one that made you think MAN! I am looking at a star here!

You can’t do it… because he NEVER HAD ONE!

I thought Kris Allen was bad last year, but he is Mick Jagger compared to this Lee Bozo.

OK, Adam Lambert lost because… well… he was a gay guy and it still isn’t OK to be a gay guy in America.

But what was everyone’s problem with Crystal?

What she has tattoos?
She is a single mom?

It’s a travesty. And we as Americans will miss out on seeing Crystal be an awkward pitch woman for Ford.

Is it the teenage girl factor? I doubt it. Is Lee even cute?

This year’s American Idol season was a mess for one reason that was as clear as day this evening:

The lack of Paula.

I’ve been saying that all year to my friends who watch it. They say “it’s not as good this year.”

And since the auditions I’ve been saying “They are going to miss Paula.”
Yeah, she’s nuts and probably on something… but that was one of the things that made the show fun. Plus you needed her loving EVERYTHING to Simon’s hating everything. That way when you watch the show and Paula didn’t like it, you thought “Wow… they didn’t even get HER vote.”

She was smart. She got out first and lo and behold the show got on its waterskis and are heading for the ramp with that shark waiting for them on the season where she left.

So next season… No Paula… No Simon… No chance that the best will win.

Guess what? No Sully.

Don’t believe me? Hey, I used to be an Apprentice addict… then they switched to celebrities and I haven’t watched an episode of the show in 4 years.

OK folks, back to baseball, but not before we all take a look at the tortuous clip of the dull as ditchwater winner of American Idol warbling with Chicago.

ENJOY AMERICA! You broke it, you bought it!

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Another American Idol post

Sorry folks… I am an American Idol addict as well as a baseball nut. And I have no other public forum to make such an announcement:

Crystal Bowersox had better win!

You screwed up in the past, America.

Melinda Doolittle
was clearly the best a few years ago… and she didn’t make the finals.

And last year’s debacle, when the dynamic Adam Lambert lost to the completely devoid of charisma Kris Allen, prompted a modest Sully Baseball rant.

So come on… Bowersox has talent, charisma and is memorable.
The appeal of Lee DeWhatever as completely eluded me. Siobhan, Big Mike or even Lilly Scott would have made this final more interesting than the MammaSox vs. Bland Nondescript White Guy match up.

Bowersox had better win. I tend to root for anything with S-O-X in its name.

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