The Birds should have hired Showalter back in April

The Orioles were supposed to be that welcoming sight on the schedule. Camden Yards was a spa where all woes of a losing streak could go away.
In other words, the Orioles have sucked for so long that beating them in a series was always a foregone conclusion and down right awful when they would sneak a game or two.
Or at least that is what the Desperate to get their act together Angels and trying to put distance between them and their closest team White Sox are probably thinking.
But the O’s swept the Angels, ending any realistic playoff hopes and now the White Sox lost in extra innings.
Is this REALLY what Buck Showalter can do for a team?
They can go from joke to unbeatable after one week?
Back in June when Dave Trembley was fired and replaced by Juan Samuel on an interim basis, I said they could bring back John McGraw and this team would still lose 100 games.
Maybe that is the goal. Have this team avoid 100 losses.
After tonight, they will have to go 27-26 over their last 53 games in order to stay at 99 losses.
Granted, that’s not exactly the most inspirational goal for a team, but this team needs to take baby steps.
And so far so good in the Showalter era.

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Good Luck, Juan Samuel

Well Dave Trembley didn’t make it through the week after I wondered why he was smiling.

Going on an 8 game losing streak will always hurt your chances of staying employed. Going 3-15 since May 14th doesn’t help either. May 25th was his last win as an Orioles manager,

He’s out and Juan Samuel is in. If the Orioles finish with a record better than 45-117 (the pace the Birds were on under Trembley) then the move worked.

All he needs to do is go 31-78 the rest of the way and mission will be accomplished.

I know Samuel has the “interim” label on him… but let him at least finish the season. You could bring John McGraw back from the dead and this team will still lose 100 games.

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Hey Orioles. Keep stinking for a few more days

I am starting to feel bad for the Orioles and Dave Trembley.
I mean I poked fun at Trembley earlier this week, but I have nothing against the guy.
And NOBODY, not even Don Zimmer, deserves a stretch like this. The Orioles lost as Mariano Rivera picked up a save. Even though Rivera walked the lead off hitter and hit the next batter, there was ZERO suspense in that inning.
So it is 8 in a row and if it is possible they are playing worse than they were at the beginning of the week.
They are now on pace to go 45-117… and they don’t even look like they give a damn.
Each veteran looks like they are heading to the park expected to be traded. Every young player is just happy to not be riding a bus from game to game.
They are playing worse than the Bulls when the manager, Joe Riggins, gave them the “Lollygaggers” speech.
All I ask is this… keep playing this braindead brand of baseball for 3 more games. Wait until the Red Sox leave town after Sunday.
Just have the losing streak go to 11 and THEN get your act together.
Besides, you already swept the Sox ONCE this year. That should be enough.
Your pal, Sully

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