Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – February 18, 2016


Lionsgate – Millenium Films


Lots of players are still available as free agents.

Maybe they should team up and create a renegade team like The Expendables.

It is a “Loner Gun For Hire” episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – September 9, 2014

Photo by Matt Brown/Angels Baseball LP

Photo by Matt Brown/Angels Baseball LP

There is a real possibility that the Angels and Cardinals could meet in the World Series.

If that happens, my advice to Texas Rangers fans is DO NOT WATCH!

It is a missed opportunity episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Tyler Flowers, Marcus Stroman, Carl Crawford, Jeff Locke, Lonnie Chisenhall, Sonny Gray, Nolan Arenado and David Holmberg all added to their totals for Who Owns Baseball?

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The Angels can sign even MORE players from the 2011 World Series!

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated

The Angels traded Peter Bourjos, their best chip, and a young slugging outfielder named Randal Grichuk to St. Louis and did not address their biggest and most obvious need: Pitching.

What they DID do was bring in David Freese, a third baseman on the wrong side of 30 coming off of a bad season offensively and defensively. And they also got reliever Fernando Salas, who is not in the Cardinals plans for 2014.

Why did the Angels do this? What need did it fill?

Clearly, Angels owner Arte Moreno has a fetish for the 2011 World Series. It was a great series. In fact the epic Game 6 showdown between the Rangers and the Cardinals was one of the great match ups of all time.

Freese was the hero of that game with his game tying triple and walk off homer. Salas pitched in that game in relief.

They are now on the Angels with Albert Pujols, who smacked three homers in Game 3 and whose double started the 9th inning comeback in Game 6. Josh Hamilton is there as well. Remember his 10th inning homer briefly put the Rangers in position to win it all. And C. J. Wilson started Games 1 and 5 for Texas and came out of the pen for Game 7. He’s an Angel too.

I made this observation about how the Angels are putting together their team for 2014.

Well why stop with the Freese trade? There are plenty of participants of the 2011 World Series that the Angels can sign and continue their reunion!

All of these players played for either the Cardinals or the Rangers in the 2011 Series and are free agents as I type this.
Nelson Cruz is available and could fit right in. Maybe he can catch the game winning fly ball for the Angels!
The Angels had Mike Napoli once but he left to be an offensive hero for Texas. Bring him back! Bury the hatchet!

Michael Young was a beloved member of the Rangers squad. I’m sure he will love Orange County.

Ryan Theriot retired after being part of the 2012 World Champion Giants’ squad. Lure him out of retirement.

Chris Carpenter is retiring? Yeah, so did Clemens. Welcome to the Angels.

Same thing with Lance Berkman. A team can’t have enough DHs.

Octavio Dotel couldn’t cut it with the Tigers in 2013? Give him a shot in Anaheim!

Need infield depth? Rafael Furcal is still available.

Nobody has signed Yorbit Torrealba. GET ON THAT ANGELS!

Darren Oliver and Arthur Rhodes retired but they are left handed with a pulse. That’s worth a spring training invite.

Jake Westbrook is a free agent and can be had for a song. Why not?

Scott Feldman can come aboard as a free agent. He almost got the last out of the 2011 World Series. Finish the deal with the Angels.

Lefty Mike Gonzalez isn’t signed with anyone. Want me to get his number, Angels?

There you go, Angels! If you want to do this, do it right!

The 2011 World Series was one of the best in recent years. Why try to win a World Series in the future when you can relieve the highlights of the past? Granted they all played for different teams, but that is nitpicking.

Meanwhile enjoy the 2011 World Series highlights… and in your mind imagine them wearing Angels uniforms.