Another Cleveland fan post… I don’t care WHAT my cousin says!

The NBA finals are about to start and the Indians are up 3-0 against the defending AL Champion Rangers.

I am telling you Cleveland fans… STAY WITH THE INDIANS!

Be like THESE fans who are watching a POSITIVE sporting event and not moping around saying “Ohhhh woe is us. We don’t have LeBron. We are awful.” Boo hoo hoo.

The best team in baseball is playing in your backyard. Go support him.

Now I know this post pissed someone off.

Not my dear readers or any Cleveland fans who are stumbling across this blog.

No, I know I am getting under the skin of my cousin Dave.
Dave reads my blog daily. I know that because he writes me little comments, e mails and text messages.

And lo and behold he has written to me saying I am talking about Cleveland and their fans too much.

For that I say “I am not talking about them ENOUGH!”

There will be only 6 more NBA games this year. (Chances are it will be fewer than that… the Heat are going to win and win big.) And I only have a few more chances to talk Cleveland fans off of the ledge.

It is my DUTY!

I assure you Dave that I will write more about the wonderful situation that is the Mets soon… but for now… yup, I am going to do it again. I am going to link the Cleveland fan video AGAIN!

Just try and stop me.

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Hope and Change in Queens

I got an e mail today from my cousin Dave, who is a huge Mets fan.
The subject was “HOPE.”

Now Dave is a lifelong Republican, so I doubt it was an Obama e mail.

Nope, his e mail simply said “Ike Davis, 1st ML AB, base hit.

The Mets are FINALLY taking my advice and going with young kids.
I’m not saying Ike Davis is the new Albert Pujols… but the idea of a young kid coming up and getting a hit has got my Met fan friends (and family) more excited than the Jason Bay signing.

And it will be a memorable first day at the office for Ike.

He gets a pie in his face the first day and the first uniform number he wore was #42

Hope indeed.
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