Texas Dragonslayers

You want to slay dragons this off season, Texas… then there’s no better way to do it than this.
When my Red Sox slew their many dragons in 2004, they had to go through New York to do it… facing down fears and demons that brought down the franchise for so many generations.

Well, so far the Rangers have reached heights that the franchise has never scaled before. They are in the ALCS.

They still haven’t won a home game.
And they still haven’t beaten the Yankees.

Both dragons need to be slain if they have any aspirations of making it to the World Series.

You have the twin headed beast of former Rangers, Teixeria and A-Rod… and their fiercest opponent, Sabathia is looming tonight.

Stay focused and take them on. Win a home game in the first 2 meetings and suddenly you go into THEIR lair with your best slayer… the one who slew them twice last October.

Win today or tomorrow and you have a fighter’s chance.

Just watch out. These guys breathe a LOT of fire.
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