I love that the Beltway Series is meaningful

The last time either team on the Beltway finished at .500, it was 2005 which was the Nats first season in Washington.

The last time Baltimore and Washington both had winning teams at the same time?
That would be 1969. The Senators finished a surprising 86-76 under manager Ted Williams. That was 23 games behind the Orioles who went 109-53 and could only be beaten by a team of destiny (that would be the Mets.)

Here we sit on May 18 and the Orioles are the best team in the American League.
Let that fact sink in for a moment.

And the Nationals are hovering around first place but some recent stumbles pushed them off the top spot.

Yes, they are ahead of the Rangers and Rays. Yes they are in front of the inconsistent Yankees and the upstart Indians.

And yes, Adam Jones got another key hit tonight in the 11 inning 2-1 Orioles victory in Washington.
And yes, the Jake Arrieta vs. Edwin Jackson match up was outstanding, as is the Orioles bullpen.

And yes, the Wei-Yin Chen vs. Stephen Strasburg match up on Sunday should be must watch TV.

It’s only May. I realize that. Last year the Indians and Pirates were in first place and various parts of the season and both finished under .500.

But savor this, Beltway fans. As recently as 2010, both teams were 90 loss clubs.
The Orioles haven’t had a winner since 1997 and Washington has had one since the first landing on the moon.

And let the “Harper or Jones” debates last a decade.

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OF COURSE Edwin Jackson threw a great game!

Get a pitcher of any level talent and put him in a Cardinals uniform under Dave Duncan’s watchful eye and they will suddenly become a big time pitcher.

Watch, he is going to Jeff Weaver his way all the way to the World Series clincher.

If I am the agent for a pitcher, I am calling the Cardinals every day asking “Do you have a spot in the rotation? Let me know if ANY Cardinals pitcher needs a nap. My client will be a Cardinal at a moments notice.”

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So THIS is why the White Sox want Edwin Jackson

Remember when the White Sox picked up Edwin Jackson and people thought he was going to be flipped for Adam Dunn?

And when they COULDN’T pull off a deal with the Nationals, it was widely considered that they were hosed?

May YOUR team be hosed like this!

He’s averaging 7 innings a start in his 4 starts (going 8 shutout innings with 10 strikeouts tonight) and posting a 0.96 ERA in the process.

If the White Sox catch the Twins, Edwin might be the key and been a bigger contributor than Adam Dunn.

Wow… it’s a good thing they got hosed.

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