Edwin Rodriguez should get his resume ready

Seriously Edwin… I hope you don’t think you have job security!
Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is a little quick with the trigger finger when it comes to showing managers the door.

It worked in 2003 when he dumped his buddy Jeff Torborg and brought in ancient Jack McKeon. The result was the 2003 World Series title.

Since then? Well Joe Girardi had the team in contention despite a microscopic payroll in 2006… and was fired.

Your predecessor Fredi Gonzalez led the Marlins to back to back winning seasons despite the leagues lowest payroll… and was fired.

You? You have one of the most talented Marlins rosters in their history. Expectations are high.
The Marlins were tied with the Phillies in the loss column on May 26th.

Since then the fish had flopped, losing 12 of their next 15 games including a nice big fat 8 game losing streak.

Better start winning, Edwin.
Joe and Fredi got jobs… but their resume was a little bit better.

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Only idiots are against instant replay in baseball

It has come to this.

Name calling.

I’ve written about Instant Replay several times and it isn’t worth rehashing EVERYTHING. But tonight’s travesty just got me fired up again.

The Marlins won the game tonight beating the Phillies in the 9th.
Except they didn’t because of a blown call reversed a walk off hit.
It’s kind of like how the Giants won a game a few weeks ago… except that they didn’t because of the blown call on the final play.
In a year with so many tight races in the National League, a game could be all that keeps the Giants out of the playoffs.
Or maybe the Phillies sneak in by a game.
Exactly what is it going to take for the anti Instant Replay dolts to come around?
We’ve had a perfect game taken away from a pitcher.
We’ve had blown calls left and right in the 2009 post season.
Will it take a walk off hit in the post season being taken away?
Seriously, opponents of Instant Replay, what would have happened if tonight’s grotesque call by Bob Davidson had taken place in the Division Series… or the NLCS… or the World Series?
Is that what it will take to get some sort of replay system in place?
And as always the whole “it will slow down the pace of the game” argument is not only nonsense and asinine, but is untrue.
The replay showed that Davidson’s call was dead wrong while Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez was still on the field arguing.
So time WAS wasted on the call… and it was truly wasted because nothing was done or could be done.
Davidson can only arrogantly shake his head no, dead certain that he got the call right… only to have every single replay showing over and over again that Davidson’s confidence is unfounded.
Once again, the rest of the planet has access to the undeniable truth that the call was blown except the one person who could use the information to… and please brace yourself for this outlandish idea… GET THE CALL RIGHT!
I am DYING to hear a valid argument against instant replay.
I am guessing I’m not going to hear them.

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Fredi Gonzalez couldn’t win with a $45 million payroll? FIRE HIM!

I seriously… he only won 87 games last year with a payroll lower than the Cubs paid for Milton Bradley, Kosuke Fukodome and Ted Lilly last year.

In 2008 he put a winning product on the field for less than Jason Giambi’s salary.

But enough is enough! It’s been 7 years since the Marlins have had a champion. There are 6 year old Marlin fans who are grumbling “Will the Marlins EVER win in my lifetime?”

Clearly Gonzalez was given the horses!
They have one of the 26 highest payrolls in baseball.

So that underachiever Gonzalez is gone. In comes Edwin Rodriguez… aka the next Earl Weaver… is in charge.

And appropriately enough hemade his debut in Baltimore (always a nice way to pick up and easy W which he did.)

Better keep up those winning ways, Edwin. They expect nothing but the best in Miami!

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