Milton Bradley and mistakes

So the Mariners are going to keep Milton Bradley. Despite a lousy year where he had to leave to take care of personal matters, and an off season arrest that shows those matters aren’t really resolved, he’s coming back.

People make mistakes,” new Mariners manager Eric Wedge said.

Yeah they do Eric. Like giving Milton Bradley chance after chance.
At what point does this become enabling?
At what point do you say “Hmmm, I see a pattern here.”

When a guy this talented plays for 8 teams in 11 seasons (including 5 in the last 4 years) and each time he goes there is much rejoicing, isn’t that the point where you say “Yeah, let’s move on.”

Wedge managed Bradley with the Indians and it was a confrontation between the two that forced his first of many trades.

In the 7 seasons since, he hasn’t really improved, has he?

And when you look at his career, is it even worth it on the field?
He had a great half season in 2007 with the Padres (until he injured himself arguing and ended his season… a season where the Padres missed the playoffs by a single game.)

He had a terrific season in Texas in 2008, his walk year.
Now he has had two straight miserable seasons, is in his mid 30s and frankly has had only had 2 and a half seasons of note.

The Mariners need to rebuild. How exactly is Bradley a piece to any rebuilding project?
If he is no longer a usable player (which he isn’t) and he’s no longer a person you want in the clubhouse (even he doesn’t want to be there) then why bring him back?

People make mistakes.
Eric Wedge and the Mariners are making one now.

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2007 was a long long time ago

In 2007, the Rockies, Diamondbacks and Indians were all in the League Championship Series.
Each had young hungry teams filled with terrific talent and seemed to be poised to contend for many years to come.
And each had a steady manager at the helm. Clint Hurdle with the Rockies, Bob Melvin with the Diamondbacks and Eric Wedge with the Indians.
So how did it work out?
Well with today’s firing of Eric Wedge, all three managers have been fired less than 2 years after their improbable LCS berth.
It’s sobering, especially when you think about teams that are trying to build something positive for the long term, knowing that you don’t even get 2 years credit for a solid and unexpected finish.
But as I said about the Rays at the end of last year, it’s dangerous to try and predict who will have long term success.

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Eric Wedge is still employed… isn’t that strange?

They’ve lost 11 in a row…

They very well might end up being the worst team in the American league this year…
2 years ago they had a 3-1 lead in the ALCS.
This year they will be in the position to pick #2 in the draft next year.
I’m just saying he should be checking Craigslist these days for job openings.

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