The Sully Baseball Fantasy 300

 Lucas Graciano, Artist

Lucas Graciano, Artist

This is a first for Sully Baseball. I have never attempted this before, but what the heck? Trying out new things can never hurt. Actually new things can hurt horrifically sometimes. But I suppose this will be harmless.

The incomparable Erin Foley, the brilliant comic and host of my favorite sports podcast Sports Without Balls, has enlisted me to help her with her fantasy draft.

While I do not play fantasy baseball (365 baseball podcasts a year will suffice for my on line obsessions) I decided to do my best with my own rankings to help her draft.

There are 12 teams in her league with 24 roster spots on each team.That means 288 players will be drafted.

I am not sure what the Keeper situation is on the roster, but I figured I’d list the 288 players I personally would draft, then Erin’s team would be in good shape. But 288 isn’t a round number. 300 is.

Now keep in mind, there are some players I am just avoiding in my rankings. ¬†BJ Upton (or Melvin Upton or whatever his name is) is done. So is Ryan Howard. I don’t care how far they fall in the draft, I am not touching them with a cattle prod.

The health of Victor Martinez and Jacoby Ellsbury scare me. And Wil Myers and Matt Kemp heading to San Diego feels like down season central.

I am scared of Nelson Cruz NOT playing for a contract and Ryan Braun falling off a cliff.

And the fickleness of who is closing games have me waiting pretty long to pick any relievers. Many top relievers of 2015 will no doubt start the year undrafted.

So this is MY list. Think what you will of it. Numbers have been combined with instinct to create my rankings. So sit back, read over and just begin to hate my list.


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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – November 9, 2014


Why did reading a back issue of Cinefex make me think about the traditional writers vs Sabermetrics crowd?

Because when I grew up, I was the equivalent of a Sabermatrician in terms of movie watching.

It makes sense in this episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.


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