A win is a win… no matter how ugly

Giant fans should be really happy they don’t have style points for World Series wins. Because this was Jabba the Hutt ugly.

In what everyone and their moose thought was going to be a classic pitchers duel devolved into a sloppier than Oscar Madison’s bedroom fiasco.

You had Lincecum, who pitched the first two innings like he was as high as Cheech and Chong during the car scene from Up in Smoke.

In fact I think even Tommy Chong after smoking the dog poop would have said “Wait… why didn’t he throw to third base?”

And Freddy Sanchez looked like he was going to be the goat and suddenly Cliff Lee had a 2 run lead and Game 1 was lost for the Giants.

After all Lee gave up 2 runs over 24 innings against big sluggers like Longoria, Crawford, A-Rod, Teixeira etc… He was clearly going to go 7 or 8… maybe 9.

Or 4 2/3?

Suddenly it was a blow out and Lincecum was in control.
Until he wasn’t.

Ian Kinsler scampered for second when a ball got away… but forgot to double check to see if the ball actually DID get away. Important detail.

And Vlad Guerrero played right field like Frank Robinson. Remember, Robinson turned 75 this year.

So the game was a blow out… and for whatever reason Ramon Ramirez and Jeremy Affeldt wouldn’t throw a strike even though a grand slam wouldn’t make it a save situation.

I guess Fox really wanted Brian Wilson in this game.

Either way… it wasn’t pretty. But it was win #1.
And safe to say it won’t be included in Ken Burns’ 11th inning.

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NOBODY can blame Freddy Sanchez

Normally when someone gets doubled up at first on a fly ball in the 9th inning of a potential clinching game with your team down, you get pissed.

But I can’t get pissed at Freddy Sanchez. Everyone on the Planet Earth thought that was a triple in the corner. Why the hell Ludwick was playing there I have no idea. So instead of a run in and they tying run at third with nobody out, it was 2 outs, nobody on and a 2 run lead.

Don’t let the Padres win tomorrow, Giants. Don’t give them hope.

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Giants fans should be in a Huff

Earlier this month, I pleaded with the Giants to sign Johnny Damon.

It made so much sense that I couldn’t comprehend a reason why they wouldn’t… especially with the Yankees evidently moving on, the Red Sox not biting and all of the usual suspects of big spenders passing.

Damon would be the spark plug on the top of the order. (Who exactly is the leadoff man now? Aaron Rowand? Emmanuel Burriss?)

He’s an exciting winner… he’s a marquee player who the fans in San Francisco would love… he has gap to gap power and would probably hit a crap load of doubles and triples… and would give the lineup a huge jolt without being a power hitter angry that his numbers are dropping in the Bay Area.

So naturally they didn’t go for him.
Of course they went for Aubrey Huff… a classic “home run hitter who padded his stats in band box parks.”

He’s not a bad player, but he’s not the spark this Giants team needs. Huff was a 25-30 home run guy calling places like the Trop, Enron Field (or whatever it is called now) and Camden Yards his home. Not exactly challenging home run parks. And now he is going to see a lot of fly balls dying at the warning track.

Chosing Huff and sticking him at first makes no sense to me.

They already signed DeRosa and along with Freddy Sanchez, Juan Uribe, and Eugenio Velez, they had a deep infield (and could move Pablo Sandoval to first base where he belongs.)

Damon in the lead off spot with DeRosa batting behind him and Sandoval driving them home would be a decent start to improving a team that won 88 games last year (and 90 wins probably means the Wild Card.)

Instead you have Sandoval at third instead of first, Huff instead of Damon as the new face and DeRosa showing his ability to play anywhere on the infield by being the starting left fielder.

And all the while Damon wanders the free agent landscape looking for a home.

Why don’t GMs listen to me?

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