1981 Topps Hit to Win Baseball Game Scratch Off – Sully Baseball Card of the Day for December 30, 2017


These cards were stuck into packs of Topps cards. I can’t remember when they started and when they ended. It is clear that THESE were included in the 1981 packs.

I guess they wanted to get kids started on wonderful habits like scratch off playing.

You scratch off the little baseballs to see if you got a SINGLE, DOUBLE, TRIPLE or HOME RUN. Or maybe you got a WALK.

According to the cards, 4 WALKS and you get a photograph of a star player. Yipee.

A single would get me a Topps Baseball Book. Not sure what the book would be.

A double would get me a baseball.

A triple would get me a bat.

A home run would land me a Wilson Jim Rice glove which, for a Red Sox fan, would be sweet. I wonder how a Yankee fan would deal with it.

I bought so many packs of baseball cards in 1981, I MUST have got a hit or something. And yet I recall no prizes coming to my house.

According to the odds, I had a 1 in 100 for the single and 1 in 25,000 for the glove.

I bought a LOT of cards. I think I would nailed the glove down. Evidently I didn’t. THIS card landed me a Fly Out, Ground Out and Ground Out.

It still stings.

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