This could be the best video ever on the internet

I love this video.
I have never seen a “Fan shot video at the ballgame” that has included all the emotions of an amazing dramatic moment more than this.

It’s shot from left field with the Cardinals down to their last strike in the 9th inning and David Freese facing Neftali Feliz.

The crowd is nervous.
Then the fly ball to right field and there is a combination of tension, hope and possible sadness as it looked like the Rangers were going to win the World Series.

Then the delirium that not only was the game NOT over… not only were the Cardinals still alive… but somehow the game was tied.

The fans going insane… then the camera zoomed into the Rangers fans.
That slumped look of disgust…
I know it well. The feeling of “I thought I was about to jump up in the air with all of my baseball wishes fulfilled… and instead I am pissed.

So much in this one video.
So much of it perfectly captured.

Please don’t take it down, YouTube.

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