Have you noticed…

Have you noticed that the Cardinals haven’t won since Tony LaRussa and Albert Pujols appeared at Glenn Beck’s vague rally?

They’ve lost two to the Nationals and all three to the Astros… not exactly world beaters.

Just making an observation.
I am sure people in Cincinnati are glad they showed up.

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Tony LaRussa should be trying to Restore the Cardinals to the Pennant race

Call me nuts, but maybe the time Tony LaRussa spent coming up with a speech for Glenn Beck’s dopey little promotional stunt could have been used in a more productive manner:

Like how about a game plan against the Nationals.

You know when you are the prohibitive favorite to win the division with the best 1-2 punch in the rotation in all the National League and a guy who seems hell bent to win his third straight MVP and you are LOSING ground to the Reds and Phillies… maybe promoting a Fox News talk show shouldn’t be priority one.

Oh yeah, the Nats won 14-5… the Cardinals pitchers are letting up an average of 9 runs a game to the Nationals.

Maybe they should have Glenn Beck write THAT on his chalk board.

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