The Marlins are having the ugliest winning streak ever

Back on April 28, I wrote a blog post about how my two World Series picks looked kind of shaky.
The Angels looked bad and the Marlins were flopping on the deck.

They finished April losing 8 of 9, had the Ozzie Guillen/Fidel Castro lunacy and the excitement seemed to have died off for the new ballpark.

It may be entertaining for the Showtime series being made about the Marlins, but it looked like they were going to be a bust.

I had stayed up late to watch a few Miami games recently. I saw the end of an extra inning game between the Giants and Marlins and another between the Padres and Marlins.

Both were ugly games for Miami. Heath Bell imploded on May 2 and the Giants rallied to tie the game and send into extra innings.

And last night, Bell was even worse and the Padres came back to tie it.

Both times the home crowd went nuts and Miami seemed crushed.

But an interesting thing happened in both of those games.
The Marlins won. The other team NEVER got that final hit.

The Giants had the winning run at second with one out and stranded him.

Last night the Marlins jumped out to a 5-0 first inning lead and blew it. They took another lead into the 9th, but Heath Bell lost it and San Diego had the winning run on second with nobody out and on third with one out.

And in the 11th, San Diego had a runner on second with one out but couldn’t score.

Both times the Marlins won.

In fact in 4 of the last 5 games, the Marlins had a chance to lose the game. A bases loaded double play by Buster Posey in the 8th inning of the May 1 game prevented the Giants from winning. Two days later, the Marlins won even though the Giants put the winning run at the plate.

A bounce here and there and the Marlins would have lost 12 of 13 games.

In fact, and I didn’t realize this until a second, but the Marlins are on a 5 game winning streak.
I have no recollection of a winning streak this long where the team SEEMS like they are losing.

Maybe this is why my pick of the Marlins seems like a smart one.
They will eventually get hot. Mark Buehrle pitched a desperately needed complete game to save the bullpen.

If they can win like this when they are NOT feeling good, imagine when they actually get into a groove.

Either way, Showtime is following the correct team this year!

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Heath Bell has more blown saves than saves

Man those are some UGLY numbers for Heath Bell.
He had 3 blown saves in 6 chances BEFORE tonight’s blown save in Petco.

So that means he is BELOW .500 in his save percentage.
Seriously, that is pretty awful. It’s no longer April. And closers when they flame out tend to stay that way.

It’s appropriate that he imploded tonight in San Diego in front of his old team.
Think they look smart letting him walk?

Allowing Bell to walk saved the Padres $27 million, avoided his clogging up the payroll for 3 years and got the Padres the 33rd and 68th picks in the draft this year.

Folks… THAT’S how you survive as a small market.
As for the Marlins. That shopping spree looked great in the winter and I indeed picked the Marlins to go all the way.

It would be tough to do closing out a game is less than a 50/50 proposition.

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My World Series picks look shaky… but I am standing by them

I picked the Angels and Marlins to face off in the 2012 World Series.
And no doubt if that prediction came true, it would be music to the ears of the Fox TV stars who are placed strategically around the ball park during the World Series, promoting their shows.

A trip to Disneyland and Miami would be favorable to sitting in Philadelphia or Detroit on a cold October night.

But right now neither the Angels nor the Marlins look like champions.
The Angels offense is dysfunctional with the team eating Bobby Abreu’s contract to make room for Mike Trout. That’s ONE way to solve the log jam of outfielders.

Meanwhile Albert Pujols looks like Jimmie Foxx at the plate and has his home run production. Keep in mind Foxx has been dead since 1967.

And the bullpen is in total disarray. When Torii Hunter starts calling out everyone including the management, you know things are bad.

Meanwhile the Marlins are as bizarre the statue in center field.

Ozzie Guillen is pissing off Miami Cubans, neither Jose Reyes nor Hanley Ramirez are hitting worth a lick, the pitching is uneven and Heath Bell has stunk.

And to pile on, they were swept by the Mets of all teams.
It is not yet May and both teams are in need of a slap in the face.

That being said, neither team should panic.
It is only accentuated because it is the beginning of the year.

If Albert Pujols had a homerless June, people would say “Man, he needs to snap out of it.”
If Heath Bell blew a few saves in August, Miami fans would say “Who is Heath Bell? Is he on the Dolphins?”

There is too much talent on the team to have them not be contenders.
In fact it might be better for them to get their lousy month out of the way NOW.

Get the moments where you try to correct problems and adjust early.

Don’t get swayed by early standings. Unless you think the season will end with the Nationals as the best team in the National League.

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