I am bad luck for Henry Rodriguez

I’ve seen Washington closer Henry Rodriguez pitch twice.
The first game he was pitching against the Dodgers and blew a 9th inning lead with wild pitch after wild pitch.

And I saw him pitch tonight against Philadelphia where he threw 2 wild pitches in 1/3 of an inning.
He has some good numbers but whenever I see him, he looks like Nuke LaLoosh before Crash Davis arrived.

Maybe I should stop watching his games.

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You got your money’s worth in Dodger Stadium tonight!

Let’s say you paid for a ticket to see tonight’s Dodgers – National game in Dodger Stadium. How much bang would you get for your buck this evening.

What would you want?

1. Super hyped prospect making his debut? CHECK

2. A packed Dodger Stadium (games like this are better in front of a full house? CHECK

3. A game between (believe it or not) the two best teams in the NL? CHECK

4. Stephen Strasburg (who does look like Gollum) looking awesome? CHECK

5. A riveting pitchers duel between Strasburg and Chad Billingsley? CHECK

6. Harper getting an extra basehit and the potential winning RBI in his debut? CHECK

7. Controversy at the plate? CHECK

8. An idiot running on the field in the middle of a 9th inning rally? CHECK

9. A grade A closer meltdown, complete with the tying run scoring on a wild pitch? CHECK

10. Matt Kemp hitting a walk off homer to the “M-V-P” chant? CHECK (Bonus points for Kemp pointing out his mom during the post game interview.)

Not enough for you?
Then remember it was Maury Willis – Don Drysdale Bobble Head Doll.

That should be enough.

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