That didn’t take long for Matsui to make his mark

THIS is why the Rays are going to win the East.
They need a bat and the 2009 World Series MVP just happens to be available.

They plug him in and he homers in his first game.

Think the Red Sox would trade Crawford for Matsui in a heart beat?
Matsui always scared me. Now he’s back in the AL East.

Man oh man if only fans showed up to Rays games.

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Bigger romantics? Yankee fans or Twilight fans?

Don’t answer right away. It’s a tougher question than you think!
As I wrote before, the Yankees as an organization, for all the corporate pinstripe all business image they have, they are really a bunch of softies.

The organization and the fans are all about nostalgia and they can’t let go of their favorite stars. They don’t forgive them of their weaknesses. They don’t recognize the short comings even exist.

Listen to the fans wanting the Yankees to sign Jeter to a long term deal, or making excuses for Posada quitting on the team or Pettite’s PED use and tell me they are more rational than those screaming for Team Edward or Team Jacob!

It’s not just that they love their players. They never want them to go away. EVER.
Bernie Williams was on the most recent Hall of Fame vote and I bet I can find a few fans who think he should still be playing on the team.

And now there is discussion of how to fill the DH hole on the team with Posada retiring. “WHY? COME BACK JORGE!”

More than one site has said the hole should be filled by either Johnny Damon or Hideki Matsui.

Of course it should.
Because the Yankees need to get more players on the downside of their career clogging up their lineup.

Matsui is 38 years old and no longer an elite player. Not 100% how OPS+ works, but I am guessing “92” isn’t a great score.

Damon is also 38 and his on base percentage has dropped each of the last 3 seasons.

Bring them back!

They can’t let go. It’s all romance.

Actually there is an obvious solution to the Yankees’ DH hole.

Seriously, the Yankees should just plop him at DH.

Have you noticed he hasn’t played 130 games at third for a season since 2008?

Last year he played third base 89 times.

The Yankees are better with his bat in the lineup, so make HIM the DH and have a younger player who can actually play the field at the hot corner.

Ahhh but there’s the rub. DH for the Yankees needs to be filled by a beloved Yankee, something that A-Rod for some reason will NEVER be.

If Matsui and Damon are like Jacob and Edward, then A-Rod is the notorious Aro, trying to bring the Yankees into the Volturi.

And if you think for a second that I have any clue what I just wrote, then you are crazier than any Twilight/Yankee fan out there.

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A Little Help From My Friends

Oh Hideki Matsui used to make me wet my pants when he was a member of the Yankees. He was part of the brutal 8th inning rally against Pedro in the 2003 ALCS Game 7. And if Mariano Rivera got the side retired in Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS, Matsui would have won the series MVP.

Then he haunted Pedro again in the 2009 World Series with game winning homers in Games 2 and 6.

But I like him today.
I like that he remembered how to hit in Yankee Stadium.

Go A’s!
Go Matsui!

And a Yankee loss along with the Red Sox win means

Keeping the Beatles theme from my earlier post… the Sox got a little help from their friends.

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