There goes any Andre Ethier streak controversy

Well I guess the nit picking is over. Andre Ethier’s streak went 30 games. I thought it lost a little luster when he took a day off to rest an injury, but it no longer matters.

29 or 30 games. Both numbers are quite impressive and more than halfway to DiMaggio.

So we can salute Ethier on a terrific streak instead of wondering if it should count or not.
And let’s face it… that conversation would have gotten boring in a REAL hurry.

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Andre Ethier sits… should the streak still count?

Call me harsh, and I’ve been called worse, but Andre Ethier should have played today.
Seriously, he has a 29 game hitting streak. He’s half way to Joe DiMaggio. And he sits?

Sorry, I know that TECHNICALLY his streak is still alive, but please! You don’t sit in a hitting streak.

If a guy gets a hit in a game in April, is sent down to the minors and comes back up in September and gets a hit, does he have a 2 game hitting streak?

I don’t like this “taking games off during a hitting streak” stuff.
Look, he’s NOT going to pass DiMaggio. He has to do this for 27 more games just to match Joe D. But why even tempt the asterisks?

So for me personally, this whole hitting streak has lost some of its steam.

But we’re talking streaks here.

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