Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – May 9, 2013

The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast is jammed packed today.

I talk about steroids, bad instant replay, the surging Padres, the free falling Dodgers and Angels. And I am at peace with WAR.

Paul Goldschmidt, Felix Hernandez, Mike Minor and bad call victim Adam Rosales owned baseball on May 8, 2013.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – May 9, 2013

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Opponents of Instant Replay must have HATED the end of the Royals and Angels game

Yesterday in the 9th inning of the Royals – Angels game, Billy Butler hit a fly ball and it wasn’t clear where it landed.

So the umps used the technology that was at their disposal and got the call RIGHT. It was a walk off homer.

And I assume instant replay opponents HATE that.
Where is “The Human Element”?
It’s better to get calls wrong than to use technology to get calls right, am I right?

Billy Butler’s home run being called right is the slippery slope to ROBOTS PLAYING BASEBALL, right?

I hope you can get over your grave disappointment in a call being made correctly and the right team winning a game.

Things like that could RUIN baseball.
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But where was the HUMAN ELEMENT to Brian McCann’s homer?

I am sure people who HATE instant replay in baseball were disgusted by what happened in Atlanta today.

Brian McCann hit a ball that was originally not ruled a homer.
It wasn’t a walk off homer.

And then the umpires got together… and saw something.

The ball cleared the fence.

It turns out Brian McCann did indeed hit a walk off homer.

And guess what? The cameras caught it. And the umpires, who have a hard job trying to watch things in real time, used technology to make sure the call was RIGHT.

So McCann was able to be credited with what he did.

And the game ended the way it SHOULD have… with a walk off homer.

A team in a tight pennant race gets to win the game BECAUSE THEY DID!

And I’m sorry that it didn’t have the “human element” that so many people cling to.

I know it hurts to know that the call was correct and there wasn’t the arguing and debating that you think everyone loves to watch.

(Arguing that would have lasted as long as it took the umpires to check the tape and get the call right.)

I know a day like this is rough for people who hate the idea of instant replay.

I’ll be sensitive.

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