Shhh… the season started. Don’t wake up.

While you were sleeping, the baseball season started.
Like Christmas morning, Mariner fans woke up and to their delight saw their team won a game. What a terrific present.

What a stupid way to start the season.
I’m not saying have a huge spectacular like football. But what kind of marketing mind thinks like this:

Hey! Here’s how we start the season. We take two teams who have virtually no shot of winning, fly them to Asia and have them play a game at 3AM West Coast time to make sure any people who actually follow those teams will be sound asleep.

Is this to get attention in Japan? I’ve seen the reporters swarm around Ichiro, Matsui and now Yu Darvish. They notice!

Last year I suggested they start the season with the All Star Game.
How is that worse that sneaking off and starting the regular season in the middle of the night?

This game looked pretty exciting. It was an extra inning affair that the Mariners won.
I hope the few people who actually SAW it didn’t wake anyone.

You’d hate to make too much noise on opening day.
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Things are just different in Japan

Please watch this ad…

I am not 100% sure what the product is. Whatever it is, the executives felt the best way to sell it is a violent surreal ad where bones break, finger nails snap off, heads bleed and batters hallucinate.

This was the baseball equivalent to the video in The Ring.

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