I figured out who my anonymous Javier Vazquez fan is

My readership has been growing steadily over the last few years. I have some regular readers and commenters and I have a few people who don’t always like what I type.

Pirate fans seemed to get ticked at me because I wouldn’t praise the great work of Neal Huntington who in three short years transformed the Pirates from a bad team to the Worst Team in Baseball.

Some Twins fans wrote some nasty things to me when I wrote my tongue in cheek defense of the Metrodome. So much for Minnesota nice.
And there have been other instances… and frankly I find them to be funny.
But I’ve had a few posts from an anonymous reader that has attracted my attention. He brings up the classic lame argument when I criticize a pitcher which is “He’s a better pitcher than YOU.” Well yes… that’s setting a very low bar.
Major League Baseball players are asked to perform at a high level and are paid as such… and when they do so on the highest stage, they are not immune to criticism.
But this poster only seems to come out of the woodwork when I pick on Javier Vazquez.
But I’ve also written bad stuff about other pitchers too.
I’ve criticized Daisuke Matsuzaka
No problem with any of those. But when I pick on a guy who is on every Yankee fan sh*t list and is in the doghouse on his own team and by any reasonable judging standard is having a lousy year in the Bronx, he shows up with the predictability of the sun rising.

And his defense of Vazquez is odd…

“.And as for Vazquez, don’t insult the guy. He has more wins the that Dice-K guy that you worship even though Dice-K is a starter and Javy is in the bullpen.”
He’s in the bullpen because he has been awful as a starter… and since when do I worship Dice-K?
You clearly have a lot of time on your hands if you’re complaining about someone who can pitch way better than you.”
Again bringing up how Javy can pitch better than me… interesting.

Sully is a fool who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I don’t know why I’m still reading his blog. Javy is a waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy better pitcher than Sully!!!!”

I figured it out with this post.
I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out the mystery. It is as simple as a Scooby Doo mystery when you take 2 steps back and think about it.
The 12 “a’s” on waaaaaaaaaaaay better gave it away.
The anonymous poster…. is none other… THAN JAVIER VAZQUEZ HIMSELF!

Who else could get THAT worked up over blog posts pointing out that he isn’t an elite pitcher and that his complaining about being taken out of a game too early was bush league… and that he isn’t a bust?

Javy was Googling his own name and stumbled across what I wrote and anonymously wants to set the record straight.
Well, let me just say Javy, I for one am glad you are reading my blog and you might be interested in knowing that you were included in my Home Grown vs. Acquired Roster for the Montreal Expos.
Keep reading the blog, Javy and I hope the Yankees trade you away this off season and you can have a stress free year putting up stats and getting another big contract.
Lord knows I can’t pitch as well as you or make your dough.
Then again, you should aim higher than out pitching me!

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Once again, I compare Javy Vazquez to a stand up comic

Back when Javy Vazquez was dealt to the Braves in 2009, I compared him to a stand up comic who had one good set and was coasting on this reputation.

Well, Vazquez brought back memories of my stand up comedy days this morning. I remember there were many times I would see a comic absolutely EATING it on stage.

I’m not just talking about not getting laughs. I am talking hostility from the crowd. People walking out. And the comic just… wouldn’t… get… off… the… stage.

The MC would be blinking the light and waving their arms to get their attention. Sometimes they would turn music on. I saw one club owner shut the mike off.

And here’s the thing that always blew my mind about those comics:
They would ALWAYS complain about being taken off the stage too soon.

“What the hell? I wasn’t done with my set!”

They would bitch and moan like crazy. And I would always think “Why would you want to STAY on stage when you are bombing like that?”

I bombed plenty of times and guess what? When I was eating it, I was BEGGING for the MC to get me off the stage!

Which brings us back to Vazquez.
He was brutal this year… as he has tended to be all year.

He let up 5 runs and 8 baserunners in less than 5 innings. And remember he has been taken in and out of the rotation all year because instead of being a #2 starter, he’s been a complete bust.

And according to the Daily News he was upset that Joe Girardi took him out of the game in the 5th inning.

“the fact that I got taken out early, that wasn’t good.”

Um… Javy. You were bombing. Why would you WANT to stay on and get bombed some more?
Girardi was doing you a favor.

Can pitchers with a 5.01 ERA really bitch and moan when they are taken out? As a starter he has a 5.23 ERA and averages less than 6 innings a start (he is a workhorse, remember?) can he really complain about when he is taken out?

You got the light, Javy. Get off the stage!

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Really, A’s?

Seriously… you put a 3 spot in the first inning on the Yankees with your best pitcher, Trevor Cahill on the hill, and you can’t even hold the lead for ONE INNING?

You make a 10 game winner out of Javier Freaking Vazquez?

You call this being a spoiler and making a run at a winning season?

Seriously, A’s… don’t you know you serve at the pleasure of Red Sox fans?

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