Maybe the Angels DID need a new hitting coach

Look, I’m not going to bad mouth former Angels hitting coach Mickey Hatcher. The guy was a major leaguer. He hit 2 homers in the 1988 World Series including one that had one of the most hyper home run trots ever.

And he was a hitting coach for the Angels forever.
He was fired and who knows why?

I mean I know it had nothing to do with Albert Pujols becoming a low batting average hitter with no power and 9 years left on the deal. That’s a coincidence.

Since then the Angels bats have gone nuts.
Albert Pujols has hit as many homers under Eppard’s eye as wtih Hatcher’s tutelage.

Not sure what advice Eppard gave him, other than “Christsake, you are embarrassing yourself Pujols.”

If Eppard’s arrival means trading Lousy Pujols for Awesome Pujols, then it was the right move.

Vernon Wells homered as well.
Turning HIM around? That’s a damn miracle worker to make Vernon Wells worth at least some of his dough.

Pujols and Wells will be teammates until the end of the 2014 season. They need to squeeze something out of them.

And Eppard should get a percentage of Wells and Pujols’ paycheck.

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