Kelly Shoppach Texting Red Sox Management Story Doesn’t Even Make Sense – A Bleacher Report Article

So wait a second. NOW we are being told that Adrian Gonzalez didn’t send the text messages to the front office.

It was back up catcher Kelly Shoppach who sent the message USING Gonzalez’s phone.
Really? THAT’S the story they are telling?

Shoppach denies it. Don’t worry, Kelly. Nobody believes it.

On my latest for Bleacher Report regarding this twist in the story, I bring up the letters “B” and “S”. And they do NOT stand for Boston and Sox.

You can read the article HERE.

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How stupid is this Red Sox season?

The Red Sox beat the Yankees in Yankee Stadium.
Lester pitched great.
Adrian Gonzalez hit a key home run.

Any other year, that would be the buzz among Red Sox fans.

Instead what are people talking about? Kelly Shoppach sending text messages on Adrian Gonzalez’s phone.

As I wrote on Bleacher Report, this is the lest fun Red Sox season ever.

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The Red Sox have three catchers because……? – A Bleacher Report Article

With Ryan Lavarnway joining the team, the Red Sox have three big league catchers active.
In my latest for Bleacher Report, I question the wisdom of a team with this many holes not making a deal with one of their catchers.

You can read the who article HERE.

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