New Sully Baseball Video – "The All ‘Nope…Not THAT One’ Team"

In the latest Sully Baseball video, I ran down a roster of players who share the names of other famous people.
It’s the “All Nope… Not THAT One Team.”
As always, all the videos can be seen on The Sully Baseball Short Form TV channel.

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You are safe Gambler

It REALLY looked like the Rangers were going to have a combined no hitter tonight. But Joe Mauer got a 2 strike single in the ninth off of Neftali Perez.

No shame in letting up a hit to Joe Mauer.

But I had already written the piece in my head and was going to update the “Most Recent No Hitter” tally.

I don’t take the blame myself. I think Joe Mauer’s ability was more relevant than my writing a blog post.

So Kenny Rogers’s perfect game is STILL the most recent Rangers no hitter.

Padres and Mets remain on the clock.

Kenny Rogers’ Perfect Game: The Old School Edition from Luis Alicea on Vimeo.

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