Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – February 15, 2013


Red Sox using pain killers… Youk gives a stupid quote… Trevor Bauer raps… lame controversies  are swirling around in early Spring Training.

It’s the topic of today’s podcast.

  Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – February 15, 2013

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A’s Strangely Did Not Trade for Kevin Youkilis – A Bleacher Report Article

The A’s have been coveting Kevin Youkilis since at least 2002. And in my latest for Bleacher Report, I write about how odd it was that Oakland didn’t make much of a play for him. Especially when the Red Sox were asking for so little and paying much of his contract.

You can read the entire article HERE.

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Last night Kevin Youkilis came back to Fenway and crushed a back breaking three run shot off of Jon Lester.

Manager Bobby Valentine, who basically ran Youk out of town, elected to pitch to him with a base open and lost big time.

They had that clip available on for those of us who didn’t see it live.
But it is of the White Sox feed. We get to hear Hawk Harrleson do his “Put it on the board, YES” and “Mercy” routine.

But I wanted to hear Don and Jerry from the Red Sox booth call it. I wanted to hear the bitter sarcasm from Jerry Remy and the Red Sox voices acknowledging what happened.

And I’m sure Yankee fans and Youk haters would love to have hear that as well.

I mentioned this before. Baseball fans love to hear pain and misery more than happiness.
Get with it baseball. There is Schadenfreude out there.

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