Why I don’t believe this Magnum PI clip

Look, I loved Magnum PI like everyone else did. And I LOVE 1980s baseball… so you would think this clip of Magnum at a bar with Tigers greats Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker would be goosebump worthy for me.

But there’s something about it that doesn’t ring true for me. Watch the clip and we’ll discuss it.

Magnum is such a huge Tigers fan and yet he doesn’t recognize the greatest double play combo in the team’s history?

It’s not like it was Barbaro Garbey, Marty Castillo or Rusty Kuntz in the bar with him.

So yeah, he would have recognized them, even in street clothes.
A Tigers fan in the 1980s would have recognized them if they were in full clown make up.

And why the hell were Trammell and Whitaker in such a lousy bar?

It made Magnum look like an uncool doofus. Sorry, that’s impossible.

While the clip is well intentioned, THIS fan isn’t buying it.

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