Cleveland Fans… I hope you took my advice

Back when the Cavs were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs, I told you Cleveland fans to just stop watching sports this year.
I hope you took my advice because, to paraphrase a cop on the beat, there’s nothing to see here.
You could have done stuff around the house, bonded with your family or even write a book.
Anything other than watching Cleveland sports in 2009.
And it isn’t getting any prettier.
Don’t believe me?

The Browns are 1-6.

And that one win came against Buffalo in a 6-3 win.

I’m sure that was an exciting game! That’s a baseball score.

The Cavs got Shaq… and lost the opener to the Celtics.

Yes I know it is early and the Cavs are the city’s best hope these days… 

BUT IT IS EARLY! Turn off the Cavs games until January.

As for Indians fans… ooof

Not only did the Indians drop their last 5 games to finish with the second worst record in the American League just 2 seasons after being a win from the World Series…

But they are handing the car keys to Manny Acta, who managed the Nationals… one of the few teams in baseball WORSE than the Indians. 
And don’t watch the World Series either… especially game 1.
2007 Indians Cy Young Award winner CC Sabathia taking on 2008 Indians Cy Young Award winner Cliff Lee?
Is this a joke?

Seriously Cleveland fans… 
Take the next two months off.
I expect the Nielsen ratings in Cleveland to be 0.0 for the World Series.
I expect the attendance for the November 16th Browns/Ravens game to be 0.
And I expect the Cavaliers to be playing in front of friends, family and wounded war veterans until the January 3rd game against Charlotte.
You don’t need to prove your loyalty to anyone.
You need a break.

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Ahhh that Riggleman touch

What must Manny Acta be thinking right now?

He’s dumped because he couldn’t make a lousy team rise above the level of “lousy.”

So in comes Jim Riggleman.

Riggs has managed all or part of 10 seasons now.

He has one playoff spot (the 1998 Cubs who won the one game playoff against the Giants for the Wild Card only to be swept by Atlanta.) He has one other winning season (the lock out shortened 1995 season with the Cubs.)

He has 4 complete seasons where his team had a winning percentage of .420 or lower.

And now has lost his first 6 games as the Nats new manager.

Acta must be thinking “I could have done THAT!”

With such a lousy resume, why the hell does he keep getting managing gigs, even if they are temporary (like his 90 game tenure with the Mariners last year)?

You are really saying that Chris Chambliss can’t handle this?

I will keep lobbying for Chambliss until he gets a gig!

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Looks like Manny Acta is fired

When Acta himself is saying he’s fired, I think it is safe to say it is a done deal. He’s going.

And it’s a good thing they are doing it now… because obviously with the wealth of talent they have on that roster, it was the manager who was bungling things up!

I mean they were playing .299 ball… but with someone like Jim Riggleman on board, they might play .350 ball!
They were on pace to finish 49-113 this year.
But now? Who knows? The sky is the limit. (If by “the sky” you mean 60 wins.)

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