Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – January 22, 2015

USA Today Sports

USA Today Sports

Why bother making picks so early in the year?

The closers could be different! Eventual post season heroes could be starting the season with another team.

But as of right now, the Chicago White Sox look like a very dangerous team.

It is a worthless prediction episodeĀ of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast


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Welcome to the Red Sox, Clayton Mortensen

OK, show of hands, Red Sox fans.
How many of you heard of Clayton Mortensen before today?

I can’t raise my hand. He’s 27 years old and has been bounced around a few times.

He had a 9.42 ERA in 64 innings last year… in AAA.
That’s disconcerting.
But he pitched OK for the Rockies in 16 games.

And he was a decent enough prospect in the A’s and Cardinals system that maybe he can be a decent arm out of the pen.

I for one am sad to see Marco Scutaro go. I liked him. He played hard and played anywhere on the infield. Plus it is fun to hear Boston fans say “MAH-co.”

In fact because this trade happened on the Eve of the Patriots/Ravens game, I am guessing that most Sox fans missed this trade… and come spring training when Jose Iglesias is struggling, a bunch of Sox fans will say “Wheh is MAH-co?”

And when informed that he is with the Rockies in exchange for Clayton Mortensen, the general response will be “WHO?”

And then there will be a frantic Google Search that will lead you all to this page.

Good luck, Clayton. You need a nickname.
Pitch well and we’ll forget MAH-Co.

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