Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – December 2, 2014

Photo - Troy Taormina

Photo – Troy Taormina

Nobody cares if you report a trade or signing first. Meanwhile the Happ for Saunders deal is odd and why weren’t the Yankees in on Nick Markakis?

It is a first reported episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

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For at least one day, it all worked for the Mariners

From Cliff Lee to Erik Bedard to the 2008 season to Chone Figgins, not a lot has gone as the Seattle Mariners had planned over the past few seasons.

Big prospects have disappointed, rebuilding plans have gone awry and the specter of Felix Hernandez and Ichiro Suzuki finishing their runs in Seattle without a trip to the World Series hangs over the team.

Yet last night, for one wonderful night, it all seemed to click with their young line up.
In one glorious night against the two time defending American League Champion Rangers, the young Mariners flexed their muscles and looked exactly like the team they wanted to build.

24 year old Dustin Ackley, the second overall pick in the 2009 draft? He went 2-5 with a homer and 3 RBI. His OPS went up to .691.

Ackley’s teammate at UNC, Kyle Seager, went 4-6 with a pair of doubles and two RBI.

22 year old Jesus Montero, the prize of the Michael Pineda deal, reached base 5 times, drove in 4 runs and launched his 7th homer.

25 year old Justin Smoak, the key of the Cliff Lee trade, collected 3 hits and a walk, crushed a pair of homers and drove in 6 runs.

25 year old Michael Saunders, their super prospect from 2009 and 2010, went 3-6 with a pair of doubles.

It looks so easy when it is done right. If those five (plus Ichiro who sat out last night) could do that on a regular basis, the Mariners would be a contender and Felix Hernandez would win 25 games every year.

Hopefully for Mariner fans this was no fluke.
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It’s my fault that Lester lost his perfect game.

I was going to write a quick blog post to say “HEY! SOX FANS! JON LESTER IS THROWING A PERFECT GAME!”
I had no thoughts about me spoiling it because… well… I don’t believe that I affect the game being played in Seattle while sitting in my kitchen in South Pasadena, California.
Just as I was typing, center fielder Eric Patterson dropped a fly ball to spoil the perfect game.
Then Michael Saunders hit a 2 run homer to spoil the no hitter, the shutout AND the lead.
Maybe I do have some effect.
I apologize to Jon and his family.

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