Why didn’t the Astros win? It MUST be Cecil Cooper’s fault!

Man it couldn’t POSSIBLY be that he was given an older lineup than a cattle call audition for Cocoon 3!
He had 7 regulars who were 33 years or older…. and ancient mariners in the rotation.
And by Ancient Mariner I mean the Late Mike Hampton. 
You know it’s the same guy who was a Met for a minute before ruining his career in Colorado, right?
It’s the same guy who missed 2 1/2 seasons this decade and is going to miss all of next year.
Did Omar Minaya put THIS roster together as well?
Well Coop was shown the door and the names are swirling around for a possible replacement… and still no mention of Chris Chambliss.
You deserved better Coop.
You deserved YOUNGER!

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