OK Met fans… it’s beginning

What a difference a week and a day make in Queens.

Last Monday the Mets were 7-3 and were playing a fun and exciting brand of baseball.
And here we are 8 days later. The Mets went 1-5 since and are at even .500.
The one win they had was a game on Saturday that was so sloppy that they should have been playing Yakety Sacks during the highlight clips.

And what has today wrought?
Three massive middle fingers.

Jason Bay is out with broken ribs.
Well, that was only a matter of time.
One more year, Met fans, then you can decline Bay’s option.

Mike Pelfrey? Remember him? He’s on the DL too.

And who is coming into town?

That would be the Marlins and Jose Reyes.

Reyes, the home grown Met All Star and only batting champ in franchise history… the guy they did NOT trade for prospects at the trade deadline and then didn’t bid against the Marlins for his services.

As of this post, the Mets are 8-8 and the Marlins are 7-8.

Call me crazy, but I have a feeling this will be the last time the Marlins are looking up at the Mets.

I have been screaming for the Mets to rebuild since the end of the 2009 season.
How much older and injured does this team need to get with their best players playing elsewhere before someone listens to me?

The long year begins NOW!

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Look who crashed the 8 wins list

Ubaldo Jimenez has the most wins in the bigs with 10. Then, after last night, there are seven pitchers tied for the second most wins in baseball with 8.

Cy Young candidate David Price has 8.
So does Mets surprise stud Mike Pelfrey.
Old friend Derek Lowe has 8 wins too.

And last night four more pitchers got to win #8.

Roy Halladay wasn’t perfect but was good enough for his eighth.

Adam Wainwright and Clay Buchholz each added to their Cy Young bids with complete game shutouts and win #8.

And then comes the party crasher… Mr. Vulture, Tyler Clippard.
He’s still piling up wins.

He might no longer be on the Jack Chesbro pace… but he IS on pace to win 23 games.

The record for wins in a season by a reliever is 18 by Elroy Face in 1959. That year he went 18-1 with 10 saves.

Clippard is only 10 vulture wins away from tying him.

It’s a diabolical plot to get his name in the record books… and I am loving it.

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