A potential solution one of the Vikings problems for this weekend

So the Metrodome roof has collapsed in a piece of video that looked like it was directed by Michael Bay.

Now the Vikings need to play more football on Monday night and it looks like they will try to play it at the University of Minnesota.

According to Yahoo Sports, there are big problems… like the cold weather freezing the concession stands… clearing off the field… clearing off the stands.

All difficult problems that need to be solved.

Then there is the seating.
They sold 63,000 tickets but TCF Bank Stadium only sits 50,000.
Should they build extra seats.

What you do is you find out who the 63,000 ticket holders are and say “Hey! It’s a MONDAY NIGHT in December in Minnesota. It’s freezing. You’ll be sitting on metal seats. The Vikings stink. It’s on TV. We need 13,000 of you to come to your damn senses and we’ll send over your ticket value’s worth of hot cocoa.”

That should help the problem.

Now enjoy that awesome video again.

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Hope you enjoyed having the Vikings, Minnesota!

The Metrodome roof collapsed.

I can’t be the only person to think “How did it take that long to finally cave in?”
Seriously, it’s been open since 1982 and most people first really saw it during the 1987 World Series. And I think EVERYONE thought it looked like a pastry that would collapse if a sparrow landed on top of it.

So here we are, nearly 30 years later, and snow caved it in.

And with it caves in any chance that the Vikings are going to stay in Minnesota.
Their lease runs out after the 2011 season. Now I am no landlord, but I would think that there are things that can make breaking a lease possible.

Like, oh I don’t know… THE ROOF CAVING IN!

Football isn’t like baseball, where it is nearly impossible to move a team because there are no big league stadiums just sitting around waiting to be used.

The NFL could move to Gainesville Florida tomorrow and have a place to play.

So it’s been a nice 49 years in the Twin Cities, but there will be no Super Bowl Champion there. They are gone.

You’ll see the Surfing Championships in Minnesota before you see the Vikings come back.

Which leads to an interesting question for my OWN football interests.

Where will the Vikings go?

San Antonio?

But more likely Los Angeles and at least for a few seasons Pasadena in the Rose Bowl… down the street from where I live.

I don’t usually talk about football on the blog because, frankly, I don’t really follow it.
In fact my fandom is so flimsy that I started rooting for the Patriots a few years ago so I wouldn’t have to explain why I like the Giants to my friends.

Imagine me changing baseball allegiances so fast.

So for now I am a Pats fan. But hey, if an NFL team lands in my backyard, I’d have to root for them.

And all of this started when the roof caved in.

MOVE OUT HERE, Minnesotans!
The weather s nice!

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