Dismantling Jarry Park, Montreal, 1993 – Sully Baseball Daily Photo at Noon for January 18, 2018

IMG_2124Jarry Park was the original home of the Montreal Expos. When my dad and I visited Montreal in 1995 to see an Expos game, we visited the old site.

At the time, they were tearing down the stands and an era of Montreal baseball was crumbling into obscurity before us.

Now a tennis stadium exists there.

Stade Olympique, Montreal 1995 – Sully Baseball Photo at Noon for January 11, 2018

IMG_2125The crane that never worked… the huge money pit stadium… the concrete surroundings… the pain in the ass location… Montreal baseball.

My dad and I went to a game there in 1995, the year AFTER the strike wiped out the Expos greatest chance they ever had to win the pennant.

The place looked like a crashed Starship Enterprise.