I love the virtual Marlins Stadium

On the Marlins website on MLB.com there is a cool interactive page regarding the new stadium in Miami.

Basically it is a 3D representation of the stadium and if you click on any seat, you can see your view. As someone who is addicted to going to new ballparks, this makes me perfectly giddy.

And what I really love about it is I love the design. It is modern, sleek and doesn’t try for a faux nostalgia. It is a ballpark of the future, instead of reflecting on a past that didn’t exist.

Now that most stadiums look like old time parks, it is nice to see one looking ahead instead of behind.

It’s as if a baseball franchise has hopes that a new generation will be nostalgic.

I wish the Astros had build a park like this instead of trying to have an old time feel and abandon their “team of the future” identity.

Ah well, back to clicking on seats.

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