Swisher was safe… but called out for being stupid

Down by 4 leading off the bottom of the 9th, Nick Swisher lined a drive to left field. Mariners left fielder Casper Wells, who already homered and drove in 3 runs, tried to make a catch but it bounced away.

Swisher tried to stretch it to a triple and was called out.
Now Replays showed he was safe (and it took less than a minute to SHOW) but I have no problem with the incorrect call standing.

No, not just because it happened to the Yankees.

But why the hell was he running to third?
To be able to score on a sacrifice fly?
To score on a passed ball?

The second he ran to third on a ball to left when he could have been in scoring position in the 9th inning with Raul Ibanez coming up?

I think the umpire called him out on principle.

“You are out JUST FOR TRYING THAT you nincompoop!”

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Why are Nick Swisher and Jonathan Papelbon taking a shower together?

Look, I know it is 2011 and what anyone does behind closed doors is their business.
And I think the whole “players should fraternize before or after a game” sentiment is a little dated.

But do I really want my closer in a shower with the right fielder of the Yankees?
I mean they are talking casually so they can hear each other so maybe they are just in a locker room.

Or maybe they are doing a Skype call.
The lighting shows that Papelbon is in the Heat Miser’s lair while Swisher is in the ice castle of Snow Miser.

I hope the next one they are in a jacuzzi together.

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Make it 11 homers for Paul Konerko!

He is on a rampage.

And thankfully for me doing it against the Yankees today.

He was partially aided by a dude in right field whose jacket got in Nick Swisher’s glove.
Trust me… watch the highlight… it will make sense when you see it.

Well now I KNOW he is having an awesome year… I didn’t know that the other day.

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