The Yankees scored 17 runs?
So what?
They couldn’t gain any ground.

As for the Red Sox? They keep chipping away at the Magic Number. And while Paul McCartney maybe have sung in Yankee Stadium, he might as well be singing about the Red Sox magic number… which is 64!

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Red Sox – Yankees… Lennon – McCartney… sometimes the hype is justified

In a strange way, I guess it is appropriate that American Idol is doing Lennon and McCartney songs at the same time the Red Sox and Yankees are playing.

You can try and be cool and say that the Beatles are overhyped… but then when you think about the total tonnage of great Lennon and McCartney songs that exist, you realize that maybe the hype is justified.

American Idol did a whole night of their songs… and they barely scratched Sgt. Pepper and Rubber Soul.

And lo and behold, the Sox and Yankees get everyone who isn’t a Red Sox or Yankees fan mad about the hype. But look at what we got! Three games, all with late lead changes, all up in the air until the end.

Sorry rest of the baseball world, our rivalry is just better.

Now Red Sox… get your act together… and DON’T LET ME DOWN!

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Turn the game off, Dave

My cousin Dave is one of my most loyal readers… and often I take his suggestions for a topic or two for the blog.
He is a loyal and dedicated Mets fan. He remembers 1969, 1973 and would remind me of 1986.
He’s the real deal when it comes to Mets fans.
It’s been a rough year for Dave and he admits that the only worthwhile event at CitiField in its first season has been the Paul McCartney concert. He’s a Beatles fan too… although more of a George guy. (There’s little chance of George playing a concert this year. But then again with all of the Hinduism that he practiced, if anyone can come back to do a concert, it would be George!)
As I am wrapping up work here, I looked over onto my Yahoo Sports ticker. The Mets were down 8-0 in the second inning.
Dave, I really hope you aren’t watching the game. Turn it off. Go to your wife and two beautiful children. Watch the sun set over the Connecticut sky.
It set on the Mets long ago this season.
And if you MUST watch something… then LITERALLY watch Something

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