Can we PLEASE just start the playoffs now?

Seriously… after tonight there is officially no suspense left in this 2009 regular season.

It’s not happening. 
If they swept the Royals and were within a few games in the loss column for this weekend’s series, then it might be possible.
But if the Sox can’t win the series in KC, then they just aren’t going to do it. 
Tonight’s game didn’t get me mad. The Sox were up against the guy who will probably win the Cy Young Award and Paul Byrd was pitching.
He has as much chance of pitching in the playoffs as Robin Byrd (no, I am not posting a link you pervert!)


As well they should!
They are the best team in baseball and they gutted out a tough win tonight in Anaheim.
Hate them all you want (and I do) but they have a good product on the field. And if you think money buys you happiness, go across town and ask the Mets how they are doing.


The Twins needed to sweep them last weekend. Instead they only got 2 out of 3… which wasn’t enough.
OK fine, they have 4 games head to head next week. Just splitting that series at home would trim 4 off of their magic number which at this writing is at 10.
It’s safe to say the Tigers will lower that number to single digits by next week.
The Twins made it interesting but alas will fall short. It would behoove the Twins to come out of the gate quickly next year.

The Rangers have held on a lot longer than anyone could have imagined going into this year.
They pitched, they hit and they made Red Sox and Angels fans wonder if a return trip to the playoffs was in the cards.
But alas they couldn’t take advantage of the Red Sox AND the Angels losing. They are a week behind the Halos in the loss column for the AL West.
They are also a week behind the Sox in the loss column for the Wild Card.
With less than 2 weeks to go, that’s just not enough time. The foundation is set for 2010… but the suspense is over this year.


All of them are done.
The Cardinals can clinch tomorrow with a win and a Cubs loss. 
The Phillies can whittle the magic number to 3 with a win tomorrow.
The Dodgers have a 5 game lead with 11 to play.
And none of those teams seemed poise to do a 2007 Mets impersonation. I suppose there is some suspense on who will have the best record… but that is overrated.
Besides, in 2006 the Twins passed the Tigers on the last day of the season. Both were post season bound, but the Twins got the better match up with the A’s while the Tigers were stuck playing the powerhouse Yankees.
Remember what happened? The Tigers beat the Yankees and the A’s swept the Twins.
Match ups are overrated. You’ve got to beat a good team to win the World Series anyway!


I’m sorry Poppy.

The Giants had a terrific building block season and had some memorable moments from Sanchez, Sandoval, Lincecum and Big Unit’s 300 win.
But when there is no margin for error, you just can’t lose a game where you score 8 runs and have Matt Cain on the mound.
The Giants have fallen into a tie with the Braves. If the Marlins and Braves get hot, the Giants could fall to 4th in the Wild Card Race.
As it is, the Rockies have this locked up.
So there you have it… the 8 playoff participants have the season locked up barring a cataclysmic collapse.
And the last 12 games of the season would essentially be a formality.
Let’s skip all of that and start the playoffs this weekend!
Maybe that will assure us all that the World Series won’t go into November!

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No offense to the people of Detroit, but I want the Tigers to get swept

Seriously. I have nothing against the people of Motown or anyone in Wayne County.

I like a lot of players on the Tigers… I love the traditional uniforms and who could dislike Jimmy Leyland?
And the city itself, well what good hearted American can root against Motor City?
But there are still two weeks left to the regular season. And people are already lining up playoff pitching match ups.
I want to see a pennant race! I want to meaningful games down to the wire.
Last year the Mets and Brewers scrapped until the final day of the season and the Twins and White Sox needed to have a one game playoff to settle the score.
The year before the Mets and Padres were the two best teams in the NL on Sept. 4th… and both missed the playoffs all together.
And this year we have the Rangers and Giants fading and the last two weeks essentially being extended spring training.
I want to see some pennant race baseball… especially the kind where I really don’t give a damn about the outcome.
I don’t really want to see the Twins win the Division. I have no warm and fuzzy feeling sending off the Metrodome in October! And I’d like to see the Yankees have to face a rested Verlander twice in a playoff series. 
But for the love of Bobby Thomson, I fear the next two weeks will be dullsville unless a team gets pounded here.
The Tigers are playing 3 against the Twins.
A Twins sweep would put them a game back with 13 to play… and a week later they play again.
Is it too much to ask for an exciting last week of the season?
I know times have been tough in Detroit, but this weekend I want the Tigers to match the Lions win total from last season.

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Another day, another great Brad Penny start

OK this is absurd!
Brad Penny is 3-0?
Brad Penny has a 1.64 ERA with the Giants?
Did Brad Penny just save the Giants season?
It sure looks like he did.
Well, now there is no wiggle room.
There is no room for error.
The Giants need to win tomorrow with Lincecum on the mound against the Rockies.
Then they have to win on Tuesday against the Rockies.
Then they have to win on Wednesday against the Rockies.
A sweep of the Rockies would put the Giants 1 back in the loss column with 16 games to play.
Taking 2 out of 3 would put the Giants 3 back in the loss column with 16 games to play with no remaining head to head games with the Rockies.
One loss will more than likely sink the team in this series.
No pressure.
And then I am sure Brad Penny will have another chance to save the day.

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