Curt Young… thanks for a great season in Boston

Seriously… bang up job Curt Young as a pitching coach.
The team under your watch saw the staff totally implode in September with a starter E.R.A. of 7.

I didn’t think that was possible.
Evidently John Farrell ran a tight ship when he was pitching coach and Curt Young was more relaxed.

As in having the guys sh*t faced, eating chicken and getting drunk relaxed.
Maybe a tight ship is in order.

About a month ago, I said Curt Young should get his resume in order.
Well someone WANTS him. The Oakland A’s, where he pitched in a few World Series and got a ring in the process.

Good for him. Nothing against the guy, but it wasn’t going to work in Boston.

Oh let the great purging of the 2011 stench continue!
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Curt Young had better get his resume in order

I hate to throw a guy under a bus… but when the ENTIRE Red Sox pitching staff is pitching awfully… and some of the guys who are playing awfully are guys who have been All Stars recently… and the team is DESPERATE for a decent starting performer…

I am going to say that maybe, just maybe, the pitching coach should get some of the blame.

Nothing against Curt Young, but Leo Mazzone he is NOT.
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