Good bye regular season

The playoffs are about to start and it is my favorite part of the baseball season.
But man, I will miss the regular season.

I love checking on each team, seeing who played and who did well.
Which winning team stubbed their toe. Which bad team had a surprising good night.

It is the companion that I always have between April and the end of September and beginning of October.

Driving home, there is a game on. Thursday afternoon, there is a day game, sometimes at 10 AM Pacific time.

There can be 14 or 15 box scores to read a day.

Baseball is like no other sport like that. There is no over analyzing a game because once one is played, they are suiting up for the next one.

I will always love the regular season. It is like a friend. Each day some new drama, frustration, exhilaration and comedy can be shared.

Now only the best teams remain and frankly this is what people remember and take from the year.

But my dear friend is going away for the winter.

I will see you in the spring.
Thanks for being there for me every day.

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See you next season

For 22 teams, today was it. The end. And those fans go back to the drawing board hoping for a better 2011.

It is an important day of the baseball calendar. If opening day is the time where optimism is abound, the last day is where some sobering reality kicks in.

When you come out today, that’s it. The baseball card’s stats for the year are done.
Some players have played their last games with a team and will appear elsewhere next year.

Some veterans played their last game today and didn’t even know it.

Some September call up will not get another shot.

Some managers and coaches know that they’ll probably be looking for a new gig.

I’ll miss the box scores and scoreboard watching… and man I’ll miss seeing MY team play.

But enough reflection. All anyone remembers is the post season… and that is around the corner.
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One of the best weekends for sports watching

As a baseball fan first, no weekend for watching sports is better than that early October weekend when there can be as many as four playoff series going on at the same time.

But this weekend is right up there. You have the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (and my San Jose Sharks are trying to avoid a third straight year where finishing first in the Division meant an early playoff exit.)

You have the start of the NBA playoffs (where my Celtics hope they have one more good push in them and all of Cleveland is hoping that THIS is the year.)

And yes, you have some great baseball series.

Now before you roll your eyes and say “Sully… it’s early” just remember these games count as much as the games in September down the stretch. And some wins this weekend could make September a little less stressful.

The Red Sox and Rays will be battling for a playoff spot at some point this year. They are squaring off this weekend in Fenway.

The Giants are off to a great start and they are off to Chavez Ravine to take on their rival Dodgers.

The Rangers have AL West title aspirations. Let’s see if they can pass a test in the Bronx starting tonight.

The Marlins hope to contend for the division title. They can take a step towards that when they head to Philadelphia to take on the three time defending division Champs. Plus you have Jorge Cantu’s strange streak of having an RBI and a hit in each of the first 10 games of the season… and he’ll try to keep that streak alive against Roy Halladay no less.

There are good games on… and each win now is a win the team isn’t scrambling for later.

So watch basketball and hockey to your hearts content. But check in to the baseball games… unless you are a Mets fan. Oliver Perez is on the mound. You may want to avert your eyes.

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