Big Weekend Series Ahead and Answering Tweets About Broadcasters and Marlins – Locked On MLB for May 17, 2019


Some big weekend series are looming starting Friday, including a Rays vs. Yankees showdown and an ALCS rematch between Boston and Houston.

Later I answer Tweets about the Marlins and broadcasters.

This is the Locked On MLB Podcast with me, your host Paul Francis Sullivan. Please call me Sully.

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At the Giants Game for My Birthday, Wishing I Were Commissioner – Locked On MLB, May 14, 2019

2475860C-F1FD-455F-9E6D-19B923790718It is my birthday! And I am spending it at my favorite place: A baseball game. More specifically at Oracle Park in San Francisco to see the Giants play the Reds.

After the game, I thought about what I would do if I were commissioner of baseball. I had some thoughts on the matter.

This is the LockedOn MLB Podcast with your host Paul Francis Sullivan. Please call me Sully.

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San Francisco’s Pacific Bell Park in 2000 – Sully Baseball Daily Photo at Noon for April 27, 2018


Pac Bell Park. I always liked the sound of that. Yes, I know it is a corporate name. But there was a ring to it, and not just because of the word Bell.

Having Pacific in the name connected it to San Francisco.

I took this picture during my first ever trip to the park. I had been to Candlestick Park more times than I could remember. The Stick was awful. It had character and fans who were there loved baseball.

But it stunk.

So seeing the Giants play in a palace for the first time… ever… was quite a thrill for me.

I walked all around the park. I went to what should have been the worst seat in the house. This pic was taken from the upper deck and obscured by the foul pole.

You know what? It was STILL a great seat. That combined with the boats made me realize “This place is amazing.”

Nostalgia for the Stick? Oh please.