Scout Chris Sale

The White Sox might have a secret weapon called Chris Sale this pennant race.
He was in college earlier this year and shot right through their farm system.
Now he is in the big leagues and the White Sox are hoping that batters who have never faced him before will whiff and teams will not have scouted him and have no game plan against him these last 2 months.
Basically they are hoping he could be the White Sox’s answer to Francisco Rodriguez in 2002 when he threw just a handful of innings before exploding onto the post season stage… or maybe like David Price who came out of the pen to shut down the Sox in the 2008 ALCS with less than 10 innings of big league experience.
Here’s a tip for the other 29 teams… SCOUT HIM!
Have a game plan.
Figure out where to hit him.
I don’t know why I am telling you this because, as I said before, I like the White Sox and am rooting for them in the AL Central.
But there’s no reason for you to be caught with your pants down. You’ve got scouts. Send them to the Chicago game.
Chop chop.

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Tommy Hanson joins a not exactly exclusive club

Another day and another pitcher the Yankees have never seen shuts them down.
This is getting ridiculous. 
Yeah yeah yeah I know… he’s a top prospect. But at what point do the Yankees not whither at the sight of a young pitcher?
This is the underbelly of their schedule. These are the teams they are supposed to pummel and build up their lead. Remember 2 weeks ago the Yankees were up a game on the Red Sox and were firing on all cylinders?
They’ve dropped 6 games in the standings in 2 weeks to mediocre teams throwing inexperienced pitchers.
Fernando Nieve, Shairon Martis, John Lannon, Craig Stammen, Josh Johnson, Chris Volstad and now Tommy Hanson.
Now granted, Johnson is a true rising star and Volstad and Hanson are talented… but aren’t these the supposed big bad Yankees?
I mean does EVERY team just get up for the Yankees?
And a week from today it will be July. 
It’s not THAT early.
Today the Yankees face the talent Kenshin Kawakami.
This is the first time they have ever faced him.
Gee Whiz, I wonder how this will turn out.

Shairon Martis… IMMORTAL

This last Thursday I declared there was no way the Yankees could have advance scouts because every time they faced a pitcher they hadn’t seen (even one with lousy stats) that new pitcher would shut the Yankees down.

I lumped Shairon Martis of the historically horrible Washington Nationals (or Natinals) onto that list.
He entered Yankee Stadium with a 5.04 ERA and threw 6 innings letting up 1 earned run.
I got a post from someone claiming his 5-1 record made him more formidable and that my postings were half assed.
I also got a few private e mails from readers. One said “Shows you what you know. Martis is a rising star and you just don’t know it because you are a typical Red Sox fan.”
Ah yes… the typical Red Sox fan who writes tons of posts about the Marlins and Pirates.
Well today future Hall of Famer Shairon Martis took the mound in his first game since shutting down the Yankees.
He let up 6 runs in 5 innings, giving up 8 hits and striking out only 1.
His ERA is now 5.13.
Man, what was I thinking implying he was anything less than an ace???

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