The Rivera, Roberts, Robertson connection

There is a strange connection between two of the lowest moments of Mariano Rivera’s career.

What was the most famous failure in Rivera’s career?
Probably not closing out the Red Sox in the 2004 ALCS.

And what was the famous image of that comeback?

The stolen base by Dave Roberts.

Now Rivera’s 2012 is over and his career is in danger, which is no doubt the lowest point of his Yankee tenure.

With Rivera gone, who is taking over?

David Robertson.

There is something about the combining of the names “David” and “Robert” that just doesn’t mix with Mariano Rivera.

If I had a friend named Dave and another named Robert, I wouldn’t introduce them to Mariano in that order. Or maybe I’d call the Robert “Bob.”

It’s kind of like the Lincoln/Kennedy coincidences.
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