San Diego pays tribute to Trevor Hoffman

Here Trevor Hoffman says good bye and thank you to San Diego and the Padres organization.

And by the looks of this picture, he is doing in front of a crowd about the size of a Padres game during the pennant stretch.

Before any of you Padre fans give me grief, I was in San Diego for Labor Day, 2010. Not only was the stadium half empty, but the team wouldn’t take my money!

Show up to the games.
And give Trevor Hoffman a nice hand while you are at it.

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Fans of Small Budget Teams and the Mets take heart…

Savor this day.

For at least one calendar day, you can wake up… check the standings… and know that your team is better than the Yankees!

If I were a Nationals or Pirates fan, I would FRAME the major league standings tomorrow morning!

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