The Orioles Magic Number is 129

Here we are almost at Mother’s Day. Who is on top of the AL East? The Red Sox? The Yankees? The Rays? The Blue Jays?
It’s the Baltimore Orioles. at 21-12, only the Rangers are better in the American League. And they can expand their lead with another win against the Rays.
The Magic Number is 129 to eliminate the Rays. Any combination of Orioles wins and Tampa Bay losses equaling 129 will give the Orioles the crown.
128 would eliminate the Yankees and 127 would put away the Blue Jays?
The Red Sox? Don’t worry about them, Baltimore. They are doing it themselves.
So let’s see some more butts in the seats, Orioles fans!
And smile like those smiling bird hats.
(I told you changing back to the old school hats was a good idea!)

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It’s GOT TO BE the Smiling Bird!

Did you notice that the Orioles are hot?

Not just based upon their 5 run bottom of the 9th win today capped by Wilson Betemit’s walk off 3 run jack.

But Buck Showalter is entering the month’s final game tied for first in the Division. The Orioles have a better record than the Yankees, the Red Sox, the Tigers, the Angels and many other teams that were expected to contend.

Adam Jones is off to a great start. Red Sox nemesis Nolan Reimold is hitting the ball well. Matt Weiters is driving in runs. And Tommy Hunter looked terrific today (I thought last year he was a good pick up for Baltimore.)

Jim Johnson has been spot on as a closer and while the Red Sox and Yankees try to piece together a rotation, Jason Hammel and Wei-Yin Chen join Hunter as solid starters so far. If Jake Arrieta and Brian Matusz can get their acts together, this would be a deep staff.

So who should get credit for this?

Buck Showalter?

Dan Duquette?

Of course not.

It’s the smiling bird hat.

This is their best start since 2008 when they won 16 games in April. And we all know how THAT season ended. (Actually I bet you didn’t. They were a .500 team in mid July but went 23-52 after the 4th of July to finish with 93 losses.)

But the feeling in Baltimore is good right now.

And that bird has reason to smile.

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New Sully Baseball Video – Smile At The Birdy

The Latest Sully Baseball Video is up.
Today I talk about the Orioles first step to returning back to the World Series: The brought back the smiling bird cap.

My faithful readers will recognize that I first addressed this back in 2007 with this blog post.

To watch the other Sully Baseball videos, check out my ShortForm TV channel.

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