Sneaky Twins


Twins can be very sneaky.
Trust me… I am the father of two of them and they work in tandem sometimes to get what they want.

Well guess what? There are some sneaky Twins in Minnesota.

Now while we have all be looking at the Yankees and Rays and seeing who will get home field advantage and I’ve been hoping the White Sox make the AL Central another “decided via 1 game playoff” year for the third straight season, I noticed something.
The Twins are only 4 games back of the Yankees.
That’s it.
As they take on the Royals, the Indians, the A’s and the White Sox over the next few weeks, they have a pretty solid rotation and nobody is noticing them.
Meanwhile the Yankees are struggling with the Orioles and have 7 games against the Rays coming up.
Could the Twins catch the Yankees? Could the Minnesota Freaking Twins take the claim of “Best Regular Season Record” and home field advantage in the Division Series and possibly the ALCS?
Now I would pick the Rays or Yankees over the Twins in a short series… but then again, they ARE Twins.
They are sneaky.
Right now I wouldn’t bet against them… whether it is to win the Division or steal another cookie.

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